Thursday, July 14, 2005

Update on Daddy

It's been almost 2 to 3 weeks when they stopped the radiation. My dad's oncologist suggested to have it stopped (for the meantime)...the doctor was afraid that too much radiation can make the muscle very stiff and when this happens the chemotherapy will be useless, so they need to let the tissues relax and rest for a few weeks. Now, my sister dear called this afternoon after my daddy's check up she said that this morning they started the radiation again. The Oncologist called my dad's Doc ( his other doctor, he has a lot of docs) and informed him that he can go ahead and continue the radiation so far the doctor wants to give daddy 7 sessions, then they will evaluate and check if he needs more. Tomorrow is friday, time for his Chemo again...I hope he won't vomit that much..oohhh..the headache...sleepless nights,'s very hard to see him like this..I just can't help it...when he's asleep I just stare at as much as I would like to stop the tears rolling down my eyes, I just can't. It just really sad. I miss the days when we sit at our dining table and the whole family would just laugh about jokes, updating each and everyone about what happened with our day if it went well or what. Listening to each other's story, especially having dinner was the best. Do you think it'll happen again? How I hope it will. yeah..that's exactly how I feel...

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I'm pissed off!!!! I just don't understand why do some people have no consideration for other people's feelings? I just don't get..I don't if you can call it being "mean" or maybe the person is just ignorant...aarrggghhh... you decide.
Here is what happened yesterday....
Fat Lady: uy ning, musta na si Francis?
Mommy: on the phone, so she just waived telling her that she have an important call ( it was my sister on the other line)
Then another neighbor arrived...Zenny. By the way, the Fat Lady is one of our neighbors too. She is the type of neighbor whom you can call a "certified chismosa".
Zenny: o bat andito ka?
Fat Lady: Francis walang nang chance!
Zenny: ( no comment) she just glared at her. ( The look that tells you..will you just shut up if you don't have anything good to say?!) Then, the fatty lady just walked away...Good thing for her!
Even if my mom's on the phone, she heard everything...(in case you didn't know, my mommy have a bionic ears..hahaha...even if you just whisper..she'll hear it...really, I'm not may want to try it! ) Yes, as I was saying she heard what the fat lady said..and of coursemy mom was hurt she got offended...she's lucky my mommy did not comment on that..and she will not because for sure if she did it might start a small conflict and that is the last thing on my mom's head...she doesn't want to engage into those kind of mom is very patient, I can tell you that! I hope she realizes how hurtful she was. I hope she is "able" to use her head and think before speaking.
She doesn't have any right to say that. Only God knows when is the right time, not her, not me, nobody...God have a plan, and I'm not going to interfere with it, I just want to ask him to give us more time...I trust God and I know that he will not give my family something that we cannot handle... As long as I have God with me, I know I'm in good hands, so is my loved ones. (sniff..sniff.). seems that my Lacrimal Glands are functioning very well.
Till next time....

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#3 Comment from mhimae 8/3/05 12:23 PM Permalink
I totally understand your situation collyn, having gone through the same fears and pain when my papa was receiving the same treatment in St. Luke's. There's an enormous feeling of helplessness in the situation and an immeasurable pain. Just hang on there and be brave for your dad. He gets his strenght in you and you get your strength from God. Remember, you have to L I V E STRONG for your dad.. My prayers are with you and your family.
#2 Comment from mhimarj 7/21/05 6:04 PM Permalink
Collyn, we're blessed to have such a loving family. With that, we have to thank God so much. Yes, you are right that He would not give us problems that we cannot overcome. Just keep on hanging there and let us pray harder for your dad. Soon, days you'll spend with your family will be back to normal full of simple joys.
#1 Comment from mhiarc 7/15/05 2:00 AM Permalink
God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him. I know you are toughAnd seeing that God is your source of strength, whatever comes your wayyou will not be moved or shaken. Godbless-- keep on praying.. i do.

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