Monday, July 25, 2005


Tonight is my last day here on the floor since I will be moving to the MOST department starting Monday. I'm a bit excited with this one since it is a big change for me. It's quite intriguing on what will be the type of work we will be doing since as of this time its a bit vague but comes our training for sure...we'll find out what its all about. Even though I'm excited with all these, a part of me feels sad leaving. Sad because I have friends that will be left. I will surely miss all the wonderful people that I have worked with. I will surely miss our own chika minute while we're waiting for member, the breakfast, dinner before coming in to work...I know these are still possible but the thing is we do have different schedule and day off and we will no longer be staying here on the floor. We will be moving at one of the training room.

Teti Tets I will surely miss all the new updates...hehehe..(u know what I mean), your so called beautiful voice and of course your "one-liner". Keep me updated with your celeb gossips ha...hehehe

Sexy Nhey don't forget your figure..remember the wedding dress! And don't forget to always bring coffee since you're such a sleepy head..hehehe...I will miss your "crazy" ~ ness.

Ate Arceli Samson I will surely miss your thoughtfulness, your weird and unbelievable but true stories (and corny jokes as well). Take care of Gless and Nhey and yourself too! Don't forget to inform me if you'll become the new stockholder of National Bookstore.

To those that I have not mentioned....I will surely miss you too! Sorry but I have a lot good friends here and if I were to mention all of you, this entry will be very looooong... . I'm sure you'll understand. Keep in touch okies? Check out the other dolls! hehehe...

This is Ann, she loves ballet. ( I think) LOL!

This is me, because I'm an Angel in disguise! ( Hey, I don't want to hear any negative reactions! Specially violent ones! Anyway, this is my journal!

Jen and Tong..nice couple!

Ate Rosse! Flowers again? New flowers for your garden.

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#4 Comment from mhigless
7/24/05 5:49 PM | Permalink
Hey mga pre we will definitely miss u. Wag na wag nyo kaming pagpapalit ha kahit may bago na kayong mga friends. Syempre iba pa rin talaga mga origs diba? Pag pinagpalit nyo kami....MAGSESELOS talaga kami! at magwawala daw si ARC pag nangyari yon! bwahaha. Remember, she is your one and only child. ayaw nya ng may kaagaw!. :-D

Take care always! :-*#3 Comment from mhinhey
7/24/05 4:57 PM | Permalink
Yo! we will not miss u...but for sure you will miss us...hahahahaha. sana kahit na lumipat na kayo, di mo pa rin ako makakalimutan. at sana lang wag mo kami pagpapalit ha? kasi we're unique =) bakuran mo si honey ko huh? pero nice couple din kami ni papa xtian db???hihihihi, (isingit ba). Basta, take care always and keep in touch. baka magmalaki ka na rin nyan ha? (malaki ka na nga pala). o sya un lang po. Ako na bahala kay ArceliSam:P#2 Comment from mhimarj
7/24/05 4:02 PM | Permalink
I'll surely miss you, Collyn. Please take care of my dear friend, Nikki. I know you guys will eventually be good friends with her. Goodluck on your new team and queue. Muah!#1 Comment from mhiarc
7/24/05 1:25 PM | Permalink
bakeeeeeeeeeet yan ang picture ko..pwede namang smileys na lang akooo..

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