Saturday, January 29, 2011

True Love exists!

I was blown away watching this video. This man has a huge and pure heart and I hope he wins the competition, not just because of his story but because of his amazing voice because he certainly deserves it. 

He puts so much tears in my eyes to see that there are still wonderful and kind hearted people like him in this world. People like him gives me an inspiration, hope and it made me appreciate more with what I have now in life and I'm truly thankful for all of the blessings I have.  And I know you that you agree with me that he did make a difference.  

After watching this, I offered a short prayer for him and his girlfriend and I pray that God will continue to give them storms of blessings. I know that with faith in HIM she can recover and then they can get married.
 And as for Steve Tyler (he is my favorite judge by the way) my heart melt when he said "He sing so good coz he sing to you" him!
 Their story is a very inspiring one. It just shows that True Love still exists. How bout you were you inspired by their story? 

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll

Monday, January 24, 2011

Santa Sweets

Finally! Its about time to update my blog. I've missed all of you guys and sorry I've been really busy last quarter specially last December. It's still January right? so I guess its better late than never and January ain't over yet and we're just 2 weeks early for Chinese New Year hehehe.... So here's a huge huge Hug and Kisses for you and I would like to greet all of you a Happy Happy New Year!

Do you remember my previous post? the one with "Letter to Santa"? If yes, then here's an update for you guys...Santa granted my wish and his helper  Santa Sweets did not just give me what I was asking for...he gave me a better one. I wished for an iPod Nano Multi Touch but he actually gave me iPod Touch 4th Gen. And the best part is I got this on my Birthday. Super Sweeeet right?! I guess it really pays if you're a goody good girl =)

I took a snapshot of my chic and kikay itouch...I'm still thinking of a cute name for this baby! =) Any suggestion?

Oh and of course it should be Pink! 

2010 has been a good year and I'm praying that this 2011 it will be much much much better. This is gonna be a great year for us! And as for you my readers, I wish you Love, Joy, Peace, Hope and that we may live each day with zest, be the best that we can be and be a Blessing to others.

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Big Bang Addiction

I so love watching these's like a breathe of fresh air. This show is not your typical comedy series since the main casts are all geek, yes you read that right -- Geek. I highly recommend you to watch this show, I promise you're gonna love them...I've been watching the old season  over and over again....and still I'm enjoying every episode. Here's a clip of one of my favorite scene, enjoy guys! 

Happy Friday, SweetHearts! 

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