Monday, December 29, 2008


Last December 17 was my 27th birthday. At the start of the day it didn't turn out right BUT as the hour passes, it was getting better and better and at the end of the day ~ it was the B-E-S-T!

7:00 am ♥ prepared breakfast and "baon" for mommy and sheela since they have no time to cook at the store. After helping out at the kitchen, time to water the plants. Sweep the dried leaves and dirt in front of the house.

8:48 am ♥ slept for a couple of hours, prepared the things that i have to bring along with me:
Wallet -
Cellphone -
List of names of our ina anaks -
keys -
And of course, the most important of all, Kikay kit -

11:30 am ♥ Called Sheela and asked her to pick me up since we are going to have lunch at the store together, Mommy insisted that I need to eat pancit since it is my special day - long life you know hihihi.

1:30 pm ♥ Went to a bridal boutique in plaridel for Ate Carol's Wedding since I'm one of the secondary sponsors. Then, went to pine rose to buy some stuff mommy asked me to buy.

2:00 + pm (i can't remember the exact time) ♥ Finally, I'm at SM and I was just in time I think. Finally Sweets didn't have to wait for me since I'm always late. Christmas shopping - Part 1
4:30 pm ♥ have to go back @ the store to pick up mommy and Sheela since 5 pm is our closing time. At the same time, Sweets told me he needs to go home as well. After I got home, time for retouch coz you have to look fresh all the time ( wink...wink...). Then I left to NiQ's house.

7:10 pm ♥ I'm at Nikki San's house to pick up my pinky cupcakes she baked for my special day. Texted Sweets that I'm on my way to SM again...Then, just when I need my phone-- Battery Empty! It was so frustrating and annoying!

Pinky Cup Cakes for my special day baked by NiQ

7:48 pm ♥ Finally I'm back at SM. Christmas shopping - Part 2.

9:00 pm ♥ Dinner with Sweets and got my birthday present and this actually made my day! The gift was well perfect but what made it super special was the effort on how he got my present, it was "to the highest level!" woohoo! hihihi

Wilton's Deluxe Tip Set - The best birthday present ever!

I so love this =)

Sweet day to all!

Pink Princess

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sad news

Hello all! It's been a while since I last updated my journal. Sorry guys, for the past few weeks I was not in the mood to write...I have a lot in mind that I wanted to share but I guess it's just plain laziness taking over me...Anyway....Most of you already know that Sweet's Dad passed away last December 6 that's another reason or major reason why I was not in the mood to write. Guys, I will not post the details here as to what happened and I think most you of you already knew about it...Anyway, let's just pray for him. He's with our creator now, he's in a better place...

~ Those who are dearest to us never really leave;
they live on in the way they cared, shared and made us happy.

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