Sunday, July 24, 2005

Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness

I am extremely sad...sigh... last thursday, July 21, my sister called informing us that daddy needs to go back to the hospital, they have to confine him since he feels very weak and his cbc - hemoglobin is very low. He will be staying there till tomorrow but he is still under observation. Please do continue to pray for him and for my mom...She feels so heavyhearted right now. I'm wondering what's on her mind right now before she goes to sleep, as you all know I work in the night shift and I can't be with her to at least give her comfort...she's all alone right now... I'm feeling dumpish right now. Before I left the house, my mom was on the phone talking to my aunt, I heard her cry....I didn't know what exactly they are talking about since I'm already rushing to fix my things since it's already 9:10 and I'm still at the house. Tomorrow, I'll find out what it was but I'm sure it is about my dear Daddy. Aarrrgghhhh... I'm so grumpy right now! It's actually affecting my work and by the way, this is my last night here in MAS since me and Ann will be moving to MOST. It's our day off later then the training starts monday. What's so irritating is that our css is so annoying, he did an IPS with me a while ago and obviously he knows that I'm not in the mood then he kept on telling me very BAD and CORNY jokes and it's just so annoying! While he was telling me lame jokes, in my mind I'm already thinking of what I can possibly do to make him shut up.. I was already thinking of getting a duct tape or a needle and I want to sew his lips together so that he can no longer open his mouth! I know it's mean but..he so....okay, let's just drop it. I'm a good girly now. Anyway, it's a good thing that I'm seated where I'm seated right actually makes me feel better. And I'm with happy people here, so, it's actually helping....I wish everything will be back to normal.....

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#2 Comment from mhimae
8/10/05 12:33 PM | Permalink
My prayers are still with you and your family collyn.. my dad passed away already but the emotional trauma we went through at the time we were fighting cancer with him is still haunting us. There is still so much pain and helplessness. I do pray to God you won't have to experience what we are experiencing right now.. Just continue praying and believing in the ultimate plan of God. You will find great solice in Him.#1 Comment from mhimarj
7/24/05 3:56 PM | Permalink
I hope the next blog you will post will be good news about this update. :) You're very funny my dear. I had a laugh about what you mentioned about your CSS. You could have told him that the IPS he did for you was useless. It will no longer be needed since you were moving to MOST. I am glad you shared that thing with him for I know that to be an effective leader, you have to be sensitive enough to the feelings of others. The interaction can always be rescheduled. Anyway, enough of that too. I might say some things that will make me look bad. ;-)

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