Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Small Piece Of Heaven

There is no greater way to escape the troubles of daily life than to ascend into the welcoming embrace of a tree house. Like a bird in its nest, we feel held and safe in the branches, cloaked within a curtain of green leaves. Here we can breathe more freely and think more clearly, our hearts and brains fed by the oxygen released by the leaves. We float above the everyday world of the ground, enjoying a bird's-eye view of all that remains below. We may choose to be alone or we may invite a special friend to join us. Either way, this is our private world in which we get to decide who comes and goes. It is our haven where we can fully be who we are, shed the masks required by the world below, and reveal our most hidden secrets, dreams, and desires. It is also an ideal vantage point on the life that continues below the branches. Often, a new view of a situation is just what we need to answer a difficult question, solve a challenging problem, or see something we've been missing. It is as if we have ascended into the heavens and are able to tap into a higher awareness. We can draw on this airy energy to revitalize us, relax us, and feed us new ideas. When we descend, we are ready to enter the world again, cleaner, clearer, and often more inspired. If you haven't been in a tree house for a while, now may be the time to make one for yourself or find one you can borrow. If you can't find or create an actual tree house, think of other venues that could provide the same experience-a rooftop perch, a quiet spot in a grove of trees on a hilltop, a light-filled attic. Or just close your eyes and visualize yourself ensconced in your perfect home in the branches of your favorite tree.

Friday, July 21, 2006


It's been a very busy week for me...since the start of the month I attended a lot of training for the new's very tiring...I don't get enough quality time for my family and friends...I miss them already. Next week we have another set of trainings to attend..with that we have to report to work in the morning shift..oh I hate morning shift..I prefer and always loved the night shift...oh well, as if I can do something about it..I hope it will only be good for 1 day, but we do not have any schedule yet but from what I heard it'll be for 3 days..oh no!!! but then's not yet confirmed.

Anyway, last Wednesday we had a little fun after our training...everybody deserves to have fun after a tiresome day right? Cel, was bringing her we had our own pictorial Then, after work me and some of my new teammates went to Congo Grill for a nice dinner. This is very new to me...yes, I do go out and have a good time but I always go out with Ann and the gang....I guess sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone...I did enjoy the food and my new friendsies. Here are some of the pictures....Before I go...let me leave you with this.... hahaha! Till next time,
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greendevlin007 7/21/06 12:39 AM Permalink
ang cute mo naman sa pic nyo.. thanks for sharing your blog.. thanks for trusting me.. ow well d ka pa rin nagbago, pretty ka pa rin since nung 1st year college tau and now, gwabe! laki ng pinagbago mo. nwei thanks for the time and sharing your dreams in this blog... take care and godbless. til next time. ^_^

Thursday, July 20, 2006

You Lied to me....

I hate Deceitful people! I just hate them so much......What's makes me sad right now is that I just found out that someone that I dearly love lied to me! It breaks my heart! I trusted this person whole heartedly...this person is and will always be a part of my as much as I want to hate and confront this person..I just can't..I love this person so much...I guess that's unconditional love... I don't know if I can still trust this person....but one thing is for sure...I will always love this person dearly......uurrrgggg!!!! I just hope that this person realizes that this needs to be stopped! If I will confront this person for sure it will only lead to a bigger and complicated problem.....oh well...Life!You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. -- Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, July 2, 2006


Hiyee! I miss Bikini Bottom! I got these from a very good friend, Ira toot! :) To my wounded healer...i'm sure you'll like these.....just check it out! mountain
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vvound3dh3al3r 7/6/06 3:20 PM Permalink
AWESOMENESS!!! Yup! i like it specially the spongeback mountain.. :: tongue sticking out::
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boss1iit 7/3/06 7:47 PM Permalink
Wow !! this is sooooo kewllllllll.. I never seen the spongeback mountain episode on TV and maka touch ya.. it strikes a chord in me... after watching it I end up asking myself if "what kind of friend I am.. am I patrick or spongebob kind of friend?" Way-to-Go boss.. your Journal is getting better everyday. :)
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janiceiratuazon 7/1/06 10:43 PM Permalink
my gosh i looove the spongeback mountain. hahahapatrick is so funny. i love him!

Being A Kid Again

As we grow older and embrace the multitude of responsibilities that adulthood brings, we often bury a part of ourselves along the way. In my childhood days, each day gave me a new adventure in the form of playing and learning. The fun I had was very different. It was spontaneous, unplanned and exuberant. Having fun for the pure delight of it make you act silly or giddy but part of having fun is letting go and acting like a kid again. ~ A little fun can help you fight stress and lead to a creative inspiration. As I look at some of my old pictures way way back, it made me stop, think and made me realize one thing ~ I miss the child in me. Kids know that fun doesn't have to be carefully planned like you need to do a schedule. are some things that perhaps I can try...Why not go to the nearest playground and spend some time on the swings? (I love swings but too bad, playground is toooo far from my place! I miss Enchanted Kingdom! Actually they don't have swings there but I miss Anchor''s Away ~ it's like a huge SWING..hahaha) Or shoot crumpled paper basketballs into your wastebasket during a slow afternoon. Actually it's evening for me since I'm a remember? (I tried this already but it's very tiring. Honestly, I'm not good with shooting or catching things and I know everybody knows it. I always end up picking up the papers and throw it directly at the wastebasket). Well, my point is can come from veering away from your normal routine, even in small things. We can also do something we haven't done since childhood ~ for me is to paint with my fingers and Piñata!
Finding fun in unexpected places is the kind of joy no one can take away from you. A little fun can go a long way toward lifting your spirit, especially when you find yourself doing something tad wacky. ~ There are lessons to be learned in doing so, about staying carefree and doing something that makes you laugh every day.Till nex time,
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boss1iit 7/3/06 8:12 PM Permalink
the pinata used to be your email signature.. and it brings me back to the time that our friendship is still on its infancy stage.. your child like attitude draw me near to you,.. specially when one of your closest friend ask us to look after you since she will not be around to be with you.. ( nung ibinilin ka ni ann sa amin.. aol anniv nun) I don't know but I felt so accountable during that time.. you have to outgrow being a kid or else you will not become a manager.. you'll end up a kiddager.. bwahaha corny ko talaga. gooofy goover yeeeaaaahhhh!! break it down.

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