Saturday, July 9, 2005

Do you care bout your future?

The phone rang around 5 pm....time to get up and pick up my mom from the store. I don't feel getting up since I'm still sleepy. So I got up, wash my face, brush my teeth get the keys then I'm on my way....When I arrived at our store, my dear mama was already waiting outside. She asked me to help her go to the grocery store to buy some stuff for us to bring to Manila tomorrow. My dad asked my mom to buy some carrot juice for him...that's the flavor of the week. : I'm pretty sure next time it will be different, apple or grapes? I don't know...let's just wait and see.
I figured out that it will be best to pass by HensonVille to avoid the heavy traffic, and its much faster to get to Dau using that route. Then as we pass along Richtofen Street, I saw my two cousin outside their house, which by the way lives in HensonVille....I saw the two of them sweeping outside their front gate. When I saw them, somehow I felt sad. Here is why...
My cousin...( 4 siblings) ...3 of them already graduated from college. The eldest is 27 years old, the second one is 25 and the other one is 23. We were really not close with them, one main reason is that my aunt doesn't want her kids to be close to us..(actually not just long as it's her husband's side) maybe she have some insecurity problem or what...hehehe...that is why as much as possible she doesn't want any of my cousin coming over to our house or to other relative's house..I don't know what's with, back to the topic, yes about my cousin, they graduated already however none of them have jobs, they do have a family business, they have a paint center but they do not help in managing the business, they just stay at home sit, eat, watch TV, playstation ( a certified playstation addict) and sleep, everyday the same a way it makes me sad. They're lucky they still have their parents with them, looking after them, but I think they need to think of their future, what will happen if one day they wake up without their what are they gonna do?
Last month my uncle spoke with my mom telling her that he was really depressed, that's one of the main reason why he is depressed, he tried to convince his son to help or at least start to take over the business but he doesn't seem interested...It seems that my dear cousin don't have any plans for the future. He have a 3 year old son ( I think he is already 3 if not 4), but no, he's not married..he doesn't want to marry the mother, but from what I know, they broke up after the girl got pregnant and now they're back together. I think he needs to start to live his life seriously....parents are not always there for us....there will come a time that they cannot stay with us any longer, we do not know what might happen in the future, we need to get ready.
I just wish that he realizes that its time to make a change, live his life differently..more seriously and be more responsible...I just hope that what happened with my dad won't happen to his..They are lucky they have a healthy dad who can do things for them....for their family..and they don't have to do anything...And I hope they'll find time to have a good talk and bond...cause they do not have a good relationship at home...they don't have small talks, if they are at home, they just stay in their respective rooms not talking each other...time is running out..time flies so fast that we need to value time...time needs to be spent wisely..especially with our family...our loved ones...
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