Friday, July 1, 2005

"La Resistance"

I guess some of you is familiar with "South Park" yeah, right! lols..I'm sure you do most of my reader are South Park fan especially the "Frog Killer". I was ummm...well kinda surfin the net and I came across with the lyrics of La Resistance. By the way, some words that are not suitable for a child like me is deleted...I changed them with a smiley icon.
God has smiled upon you this day the fate of the nation in your hands the blessed be the childrenwho fight with all our braverytill only the righteous standyou see the distant flamesthey bellow in the night you fight in all our namesfor what we know is right but when you all get shot and cannot carry onthough you die la resistance lives onyou may get stabbed in the headwith a dagger or a swordyou may be burned to deathor skinned alive or worsebut when they torture youyou will not feel the need to run forthough you die la resistance lives on
Here's the edited!
they may cut your in half and serve it to a pigand though it hurts you a blastyou will dance a jigbut thats the way it goes in war you're shat upon though you die la resistance lives on
Can you imagine that this was sung by children? comment...La Resistance! heheheWritten by mhicollyn Blog about this entry

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