Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My BB Cream Collection

I am an addict. - A BB Cream Addict! I am head over heels in LOVE with BB Creams mainly because of the benefits it gives my skin unlike with those of liquid foundation, it has a lightweight formula that when applied to skin, it does not feel heavy at all, you don't even have to use a concealer since it does the job perfectly and of course, with continued use, it also has a healing properties that softens and smoothens the skin. It even acts as a sunblock and moisturizer. So why buy different types of products if you can have one product that acts as moisturizer, concealer, sunblock and foundation. 
 ◘ 1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream ◘
◘ 2. The Face Shop's Face It - HD Perfect BB Cream ♥ this is my favorite BB cream of all time ◘
◘ 3. The Face Shop's Face It - Power Perfection ◘
◘ 4. The Face Shop's Hydro Splash BB Cream ◘
◘ 5. Skin 79's Super BB Cream ◘
◘ 6. Skin 79's Diamond Pearl BB Cream ◘
◘ 7. The Face Shop's Face It - HD Perfect BB Cream - small size ◘
◘ 8. The Face Shop's Face It - Aqua Tinted BB Cream ◘
◘ 9. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream - Sheer Silky ◘

Most of the BB cream brand I use is from The Face Shop, I just love their products that is why I am a regular customer, I never had any allergic reaction or whatsoever that is why I keep on buying and trying out their product, they're all tried and tested. I even use their Shampoo, Conditioner and oh, their curling wax is the best! Which they all deserve a separate reviews. :) 

How bout you, have you tried using BB creams too? Let me know, I would love to try them out too :)

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll

Guess Who's Back?

Hello Dolls! Sorry for the lack of update, I know I owe you a lot of updates; it’s just that I’ve been really busy during the Holidays plus my blooming baking career. Yes, you read it right! My baking career is blooming and I am really giddy and excited to tell you more about it really soon.   

Oh gosh, I really miss all of you specially the blogs that I follow. But I did try my best to check your posts once in a while whenever I get a free time but it was not enough. But all of that is going to change. This 2012, I will make sure to try to post regularly…hmmn one blog post every month is still considered regular right? Hahaha! But seriously, I will try my very best to update regularly and catch up. I think that would be my one and only New Year’s resolution. J

I know it’s already late but hey, it’s still January and late is better than not greeting you at all hihihi…Belated Merry Christmas and Belated Happy New Year and of course, Belated Happy Chinese New Year!  

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