Saturday, July 2, 2005


This entry is for a friend who moved her cheese to the MOST team. Last night's shift is her very last day with the whole team and of course her last day with us (her friends). We will surely miss her so much...(yuckers..plastic ang dating..hehehe)....We would miss calling her Aubrey, dekada, JenTong, Rochelle from the sex bomb dancer, and Jen Jen.
We have enjoyed each other's company, we've had ups and down but it didn't hinder us from keeping the friendship we had. If my memory serves me well, she was the first person I ever met here in AOL, she's the first person who approached me...for those people who thinks that she is snobbish, well, you're wrong she is one of the most friendliest person I know (the mataray thing? well its just the looks).
It's sad to see someone from your group leave, its been always the four of us, Me, Ann, TetiTets and her..Oh! sorry I mean five of us...but Laren already moved to MOST but we're still close, we always see to it that we're updated with what's going on with our boring lives..hehe... It's also funny that other people thought that our group had a fight and because of this she is moving to different queue...well that's wrong, she have other reason why she is moving besides she dreads to sleep at night she wants a normal life.
Is my entry full of drama or what?? Hehehe...any way my dear few readers, she's just moving to another queue, sorry if it soundedlike she's leaving the country..hahaha...well it's just we'll miss her...anyway we can still send email and text messages, right Jen? Okay, okay, enough of the Drama! Just keep us updated okay, especially your love life..wahahaha...(para kasing telenovela eh..sinusubaybayan namen). Goodluck girl! muah muah...from all of us.
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I can relate to you, Collyn. One of my dearest friends will be moving her cheese to MOST too. I'll definitely miss her for the time I will be spending with her will definitely become few and far between since she will no longer be in the floor. It saddens me that I might not be able to talk with her as often as I like to. I knew though that it's time for her to move on - to try something new. This will add spice to her life. Oh! I almost forgot you're going to move to that same department too and that means having Jen in the same queue. I will be missing seeing you in the floor w/ Ann. Anyway, who knows I might be moving my cheese too and join you in your queue in the future. ;-)

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