Monday, June 5, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Hiyee!!!! I'm so happy today! I know you all missed your know it's been a while. I am sure you are all wondering how come my subject line says "Happy Anniversary".'s because today's date is June 5. It's my journal's first year anniversary! Aren't you happy? Me? Of course!
I think my last update was way back February-the love month. Well let me give you an update with what happened for the past few months. :D

Last March ~ well ummm....actually nothing happened. Boring month! yes boring!

April ~ If someone would ask me what I can say about this month in just one word? My answer would be "Toxic" has been a very busy month. First of all, we had our quarterly business review. And during our practice, I have to change my shift, I actually have to work in the morning shift! And I know that you know how I hate the morning shift. I'm a . But all was worth it. It all went well. Then, the next day we had our Achievement day! Boy, it was so much fun and exciting! Each team have their own themes and we have chosen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and I get to wear Snow White's costume. Our team even won the Best Presentation.

May ~ For me, the month of May bring outs special memories...It is my most favorite month, well, except for December of course! Last May 5 was my dear mommy's birthday I want this day to be very special and I want her to be very happy even if thing were not the same anymore...I don't want her to feel sad. It's the first time we will celebrate her birthday without daddy. 3 weeks before her special day, I already talked to my sister friend Cha (well, I call her my sister friend because she's been like a sister to me and she is my very good friend...I actually don't use the term "best friend" it's not bec that I don't have one or something but I don't want to sound unfair to my other friends..for me all of my friends are the best and special). Well, I already made some arrangements with Cha and Ann Ganda, my initial plan is have a simple dinner at Ala Creme actually it's a surprise dinner. Now came the actual date and....we had a change of plan. I have invited my mom's very good friend, Zenny to join us but she can't come early because she was in Manila, so I just decided to do it at home. I informed Cha and Ann that it will be done at our house, sad but, Ann can no longer come since, she have a scheduled check up and their car wasn't fixed yet. While as for Cha, I know that she also cannot join us because her mom went to Malaysia at that time and she still have some errands to do. So around 4 pm, I asked my sister to pick me up from our house and I told my mom that I have to go to work early and I have important things to do and I will be back around 6 pm. And I didn't tell her that I was on leave. So what I did....I went Luk Foo (Her resto! and the food is great too!) I just ordered some food for take out...then head to the flower shop to buy her fav flower...which is roses! Btw, my mom loves ROSES. By 6 pm, I'm all done and ready, I went back to our shop and my mom and sis were already waiting for me. Then I told my mom that we have to buy a cake for her since she doesn't want to go and eat out and after that we can go home. When we came home, she went inside the house first and me...I have to sneak in the back door with all the food and flowers. And by the time she went outside her room...Surprise! and the already know. Oh, and her friend Zenny, she arrived around 8 in the evening. My mom was so happy...I have her pic holding her flowers... hahaha...I just love to look at the smile in her face.

And look at the Roses! Oh my! I love them so much!

Another special day to celebrate is my dear daddy's birthday ~ May 18 ~ If he's still with us, he already 56 years old. Oh...I miss him so much....all of us. I always daydream that he is alive . I miss chit chatting with him. I miss having our family dinner where everybody gets to share something with what happened throughout the day...sharing jokes, stories about everything..friends, work even the movies and shows that we've watched...we do talk about everything that's why every nig we were having our dinner for around a couple of hours....yes, that's loooonnnggg.....I miss that too! And whenever I come home from work then I would sleep right away, my dad would usually go to my room to kiss me goodbye before they go to the shop. I miss him...
On that special day, I bought some Roses before I went home. And I also dropped by Chowking to buy something for breakfast before heading home. Me and mommy had a nice breakfast before we all went to visit him. We all stayed at Holy Mary for half an hour before heading to the shop. In his special day, I prayed and thanked God for giving us a wonderful daddy. And I couldn't ask for more.....
Another special event dear friend Jebe girl got married! I am so so happy and I am very thankful that I get to be with them to celebrate on their special day. Here are some of the pix we had.
~ Oh, and before I my "Wounded Healer", be sure to greet my journal or else...........hahaha...missed you guys! let me leave you with this....

Well, that's it for me! till next time!!!

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mhiarc 6/5/06 3:26 PM Permalink
Wuhuuu! Clap..clap ..clap.. round of applause.. standing ovation.. "weweeet." Happy Anniversary to your Journal Pink Princess. May you have many ..many..many more time to post and share your experiences and yourself to us, your readers, so that we will also be blessed and will know you more. This journal kept us abreast of what is happening in your life keep on posting. :)

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