Sunday, June 11, 2006

Boring day

Finally day off..time to take a bunch of sleep, sleep and sleep.....When I got home I immediately prepared my mom's breakfast and their lunch (they have to bring "baon" so that they will no longer cook at the shop) and after that I went straight to my comfy bed and slept. And when I woke a headache...after 6 hours of sleep without any headache....maybe too much sleep for me? I don't know.
I'm actually bored...I know I have to do some reviews and study my lesson..hehe..but I don't want to do it right now. I feel lazy....
I just ready my text messages and Arc sent me one...she reminded me to download her some songs for her mp3 player..well, no need for that..I already have them..hehe..maybe she got tired of listening to Linkin Park, Parokya, Green day and of course..her favorite ~Beatles~ (kapanahunan nya kasi yun). I love you Arceli Sam!
Whenever I am bored or sad...I usually look at old pictures...I love pictures so much! So I have created some slide shows. Here's the link...hope you like them but if you don't you don't have any choice but to pretend you like them! No violent reactions please...I know you don't want to end up looking like this one...

Click here: My Friends >> Me and My Friends

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