Sunday, June 5, 2005

My very first entry - Arc says it's LQ

There are a lot of things that I want to write about...well..that was the time when I don't have a journal, but now that I have one it seems like I'm having what they call "writer's block". Okay, okay, this is not my first blog, this is the 3rd one actually. I have one with bravenet but I do not update it, it's actually empty..hahaha. While the second one is from friendster and I think I have two entries..yeah you got it right...TWO! We'll I've been a bit busy lately that is why I dont have much time to update it. But I promise, I'll try my best to keep you updated about my life, my family, my friends and some wierdos around me. :)
By the way...look at this pic ..... to my friends, does she remind you of someone? I think her initial is A.S. lol!!! fish

I guess that's it for today. Hugs to my frendly frends. :)
#6 Comment from mhijobeth 7/4/05 3:04 PM Permalink
collyn gurl, thanks alot for giving me the opporunity to read your "kikay " journal. well, ive read the entry for Jen and I find it very sweet..well, i know how it feels if someone leaves specially if the person is so dear to you... =(before, i see your barkada as "hard to reach" type. but when the shift started, i was given the chance to be with you and know you more (all of you!) suddenly, i realized that my impression was wrong and you are all fun and cool to be with...thanks for accepting me as your new friend and i am glad to be part of your world! to jen: we will be missing you girl and keep in touch always mwah!
#5 Comment from mhirochelle 6/10/05 2:13 AM Permalink
Hi! Thanks for sharing this journal, Collyn. I njoyed reading it.. i miss d "incredible folks!"
#4 Comment from mhimaryann 6/5/05 4:05 PM Permalink
correction! MSTD led by Arc wahahahaha!
#3 Comment from mhinhey 6/5/05 3:58 PM Permalink
Yes, you are correct Arc...or it will be better to simply use MSTD next time...hehehehe
#2 Comment from mhiarc 6/5/05 3:53 PM Permalink
jebi- girl you don't have to complete my name this is a public display of complete name. Next time you just say Arceli Sam okay. Thanks.
#1 Comment from mhijobeth 6/5/05 3:26 PM Permalink
lols....i got scared...who is A.S.? is it arceli samson? lols...joke joke


  1. lols....i got scared...who is A.S.? is it arceli samson? lols...joke joke

  2. lols....i got scared...who is A.S.? is it arceli samson? lols...joke joke


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