Thursday, June 9, 2005

Chasing Butterflies

If I will be given the chance to go back in time, I would preferably choose when I was a lil kid. Those were the days when all you can think of is to play all day , free of worries, happy endings and dream.....the days when I was Chasing Butterflies.
I grew up just like any other normal child. Go to school, learn and meet new friends. I have always considered myself lucky...I felt loved, protected, taken cared of and the most important of all being introduced to God. I felt like a diamond, that is how precious I am for my parents.
As I reach my high school years, my dad became my personal driver, yes that is right, hehehe. Even if he is very busy with the with his work, he always have time for me and my sister, he would drop us off to school and fetch us everyday. Even when I was in my college years, both of them ( with my mom) would wait till 9:30 in the evening just to pick me up from school. On the other hand, while my mom helps with the business, she still manages to be a very good mother. She would prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if we have housemaid, she would be the one to prepare things for us. She always wants to be the one to do it. She is my bestfriend, she've seen the best and worst in me but still very considerate and understanding. I've got a wonderful parents that I am very thankful for. :)
Though, I was treated like a princess, I wasn't raised as a spoiled a very young age, they taught me the value of hardwork, money and be content with what we have. At the age of 6 we were already trained to do house chores, we have our own duties and responsibilities, if my memory serves me well, I do remember that we used to have a chart on what house chores to do. After completing the so called assignments, we can then enjoy TV and play time. It's kinda wierd though, but me and my sister actually enjoyed it we kinda thought of it as a contest. :) After finishing one chore, we would check our chart and compare who completed it first. It was inculcated in our mind that if we want something, we have to earn it.
Everything was well with my family, if I were to define a perfect family then this is it. I know most of you think that there is no such thing as a perfect family but for me, it is just a matter of perspective. Its like what is perfect for me is not perfect for you. Let me give you one good example, I saw a pair of earings and for me it's beautiful, but when it is your turn to check it out, you find it plain and ordinary...meaning what is beautiful for me may not be the same for the other person.
Oh how I wish to go back to those days.....
***to be continued***
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#2 Comment from mhimitchee 7/9/05 6:40 PM Permalink
I am glad to hear that you have wonderful parents and that you were brought up nicely. :-) As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I would agree with you that one can really claim that there is such a thing as a perfect family. I believe that life is just a matter of looking at things from the brighter side, no matter how seemingly hopeless a situation is. GOD bless.
#1 Comment from mhiarc 6/12/05 10:18 AM Permalink
Nice sharing Collyn.. I enjoyed reading it.. hope you can get to post the continuation. :) No Pressure.. mwehehehe

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