Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Better and Improved Me

A decade ago I weighed 120 lbs and I was able to successfully maintain this weight not until year 2007. I slowly started to gain a few pounds every now and then...at first I thought that its just okay because I know I will eventually loose the pounds after a few weeks and boy I was wrong, I did not loose the pounds I thought I will be loosing instead I gained more and more. I've read it somewhere that as people grow older the slower their metabolism becomes and that causes people to gain more pounds.

If you are one of my long time readers, I am pretty sure you remember my mom buying me hoola hoop, jumping rope and so on since she is one who is more worried with me getting heavier each day lol! But I admit I am really lazy...I don't like doing exercises...I am the kind of person who gets excited at first then little by little the laziness is taking over me. My mom even bought me several home exercise DVDs such as Belly Dancing, Hip Hop Abs, and even Taebo. Nothing worked! Laziness has taken over me! It was okay not until last August 2011 where I weighed 146 lbs! I freaked out! I never imagined weighing this heavy.

This was taken last August 2011. I was at my heaviest – freakin 146 lbs :(

September 2011, Sweets challenged me that if I can loose weight before my birthday, he will grant my wish list. At first the Target weight was 120 lbs but I know that is impossible since we have to do it the healthy way and of course a big No No to crash diets. So to make it realistic we agreed to loose 10 lbs from the current weight so that would be 136 lbs. I was in for a challenge. –which of course deserves a separate post hihihi….anyway, I immediately said YES! And I made a promise to myself that I will win! Well, I have to WIN!  After accepting the challenge, the next question is what should I do to win? How am I going to loose weight?

My good friend Nancy of Paper Flair introduced me to Atkins diet. It was the perfect! This is the perfect diet plan that I’ve been looking for. I can loose weight safely without having to crash diet. It was not hard at all since I happen to love salads and vegetables; I just really have to stay away from carbs. The first two weeks was a little tough since I love to eat rice! And when I say I love to eat rice I actually meant I can eat 2-3 cups of rice per meal hahaha! Then from 3rd week onwards was just easy peasy. I started to loose weight exactly on the 11th day of the program, at first I lost 3 lbs…then 4 lbs on my 18th day…and so on…there are times that I didn’t loose any pound when I checked the scale but when I checked my waist line, arms and thigh, I noticed that I lost a few inches. From time to time, I also do Zumba because I think the program will work better if you accompany it with exercise. I was able to survive for 3 months. 
This is the new and improved me at 130 lbs. I know I am still 5 lbs overweight but hey, if I was able to loose 16 lbs in just 7 weeks, I can loose the other 5 lbs in no time.  This photo was taken December 6, 2011 @ our QA Xmas party.

Bottom Line:  I realized that crash/ fad diets don’t work. The results are temporary you’ll just gain the pounds you’ve lost - times two! LOL.  You have to change your lifestyle and eating habit if you want permanent result. It truly feels good to be healthy and light.
By the way I took a quick break from Atkins program (2 months) because of the Holiday season – Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. I still follow the program but I occasionally eat rice, pasta and cakes. I actually gained 4 lbs but I am not worried all people gains weight after the holidays right? And with all the stuff I ate, I was actually surprised that I only gained 4 lbs hihihi. I’m already preparing for the program this week; I want my body to be ready for another round of Atkins Program. Don’t worry, I will keep you all posted with my progress. For those who are interested with the program, you may visit their site and here’s the link for the list of food you can eat during the Phase 1 program: http://www.atkins.com/Program/Phase-1/What-You-Can-Eat-in-this-Phase.aspx

How about you guys, do you have any lifestyle changing experience that you would like to share to us? Feel free to comment and I would love to get back to you and visit your blog. 

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll


  1. Congrats! You look phenomenal! This is a real inspiration. I have been trying to get healthier and loose some weight as well!
    Hope you are doing well :)

  2. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 5:04 AM

    thank you doll! It is also important that your  are mentally and physically ready if you really want to loose weight. You have to be 101% decided and committed. Good luck to us! Hugs♥

  3. Hi Coline,

    The pounds you lost is very obvious in the photos. I actually noticed your weight lost but I'm not telling you my observation 'coz I want you to go on and on until you influence and inspire me...LOL. Low carb diet really works on you and I think I should try to avoid rice gradually, we'll see:)

    Good job Coline!!!

  4. Wow! thumbs up for you Coline. The change is really visible on the picture. I'm sure your mom and your sweet were so proud of you. Thanks for including the link, I'll bookmark it just in case I'll gain more weight.  You're so pretty.

  5. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 10:21 AM

    hehehe...Am I not an influence yet? sad--epic fail LOL! Let's do this together, it's more fun if you have someone to join you. :) Ooohhh, I know - you need to have a motivation..when will Papa John come home? We can set that as motivation hehehe

  6. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 10:26 AM

    Thank you sooo much Sey! I was just cleaning up my drive and deleting old pictures that were already saved online, then I saw the first picture then I realized that the change was very obvious indeed, I even told my self "shocks sobrang lapad ko na pala lalong naging siopao fez ko!" LOL. So that gave me an idea to do this post. :) I hope I was able to inspire others too. :)

  7. saccharine01582/7/12, 11:01 AM

    you look great sis! go go go! :D i should also probably start dieting hehehe. >.<"

  8. angelamhiere2/7/12, 11:27 AM

    Great job, sis! I want hubby to try this diet... need nya na maglose ng weight... =)

    Ako naman, hmmm... tyan ko lang naman medyo malaki, eh... hehehe... =D
    Am cutting down on rice naman na... hehehee... =D

  9. Tweenie, you look great! Galing mo, congrats for the discipline, and ang saya that your Sweets supported you all the way! Stay fab! :)

  10. Charry Reyes2/7/12, 12:21 PM

    I love your outfit. very pretty! ;)

  11. whoah! who's that stunning and sexy lady...you look fabulous sis! Your "after" photo is very inspiring :)

  12. First of all you did a great thing to your health by losing weight! Second, you definitely look prettier now! Congratulations!

  13. wonderwoman452/7/12, 9:39 PM

    Congratulations on losing weight! I know exactly how you feel, by the way. I actually weighed more than 70kg at some point... but I lost 20kg by doing yoga and following the Nestle Fitnesse diet. Haha. Blogged about my weight loss success story before, too. You can read it here if you want: http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-weight-loss-success-story.html

  14. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 11:25 PM

    thank you so much sis! :)

  15. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 11:25 PM

    thank you, charry :)

  16. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 11:26 PM

    thanks much, Tweenie! I am also lucky to have family and friends who supports me kaya it was successful :)

  17. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 11:27 PM

    What?! diet? you? You're already super duper sexy! You don't need to diet hehehe

  18. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 11:27 PM

    Tnx sis, di ka naman mataba..tama lang weight mo eh...and yes if tummy ang prob less rice lang mawawala din yan ;)

  19. PinkChinadoll2/8/12, 1:13 AM

    awwww....thank you soo much Katerina :)

  20. PinkChinadoll2/8/12, 1:15 AM

    wow...i wish I could do yoga but Im not flexible enough LOL and my back is really sensitive so I guess I'll stick so zumba hihihihi...thanks doll! :)

  21. Losing weight  requires dedication and self-discipline,which makes it freaking hard. I admire you dear. Really, I do. Wish I can do the same. :)

  22. Even in your heaviest you are a beautiful girl. My 'problem' is the other way around. I've been stick thin and flat as a washboard all my life! The good thing is, I love to eat, and no worry about gaining weight. THe bad thing is, people around me think it's rude to call someone fat, but won't think twice about making fun of a skinny girl!

    Visit me:LeeAnne, Style N Seasonhttp://stylenseason.blogspot.com

  23. PinkChinadoll2/9/12, 6:01 AM

    thank you dear....I hope I can still do it again starting next week hahaha! :) Hugs♥ I know you can do it too :)

  24. PinkChinadoll2/9/12, 6:06 AM

    Thank you so much Lee Anne. I used to wish to be super skinny so that I could eat whatever I want without gaining..but I guess I was wrong...being too skinny would be hard too. But don't worry dear even if you are skinny you're still pretty hihihihi :)

  25. bangbangsheshoots2/9/12, 1:00 PM

    You looked healthy  before and look just fantastic after! I can see you look so much more confident now! It took me years to take off the puppy fat I gained when I was growing in my teens. I prefer a balanced diet and doing sports these days, although I'm conscious with what I consume these days - i cannot go without my sweets haha.  Very inspiring post!

  26. chibiaion chan2/9/12, 2:40 PM

    Wow, that is an amazing improvement, cheers for that. Truly said crash diet never works but returning to healthy eating habits and exercise do great wonders.  buy aion accounts

  27. Thanks for commenting back and following! I'm following you via bloglovin. And, no, not because you followed me first, but because I enjoy reading your posts. Yup, reading, not just seeing pics, hehehe...

    VIsit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  28. PinkChinadoll2/10/12, 12:18 AM

    Thank you so much, Nic Nic! It is really hard to loose a few inches but no pain no gain right? But all in all it's all worth it :)

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  30. Asian Beautifier2/11/12, 7:49 PM

    well done to you and congrats on loosing weight, hun! Healthy lifestyle is the way to loose way and stay fit xoxo

  31. Very schmexie na!! :D im trying the Dukan Diet!

  32. oh wow, u look incredible!!! i've been trying to lose weight for some time now, but i've been struggling a lot! ur definitely an inspiration to me!

  33. OMG! You really look great! I love it! :) 
    In my case, I'm trying my best to gain as much weight as I can :(

  34. PinkChinadoll2/16/12, 10:10 PM

    Thanks dear! :)

  35. PinkChinadoll2/16/12, 10:11 PM

    Thank you pretty! I'm intrigued kung ano and pano yung Dukan Diet! Care to share? hihihi

  36. PinkChinadoll2/16/12, 10:20 PM

    Hello Rhea! Thanks for the sweet comments...I have other friends who are also struggling to gain weight...no matter how much they eat they're still skinny. Have you tried taking supplements? sometimes supplements  can help :)

  37.  Wow! Congrats on the weight loss! I admire your discipline... I wish I have yours. Haha! I need to go on a diet... like I REALLY need to. Maybe I'll check the atkins diet as well. Good thing I like salads too. :) Cheers! :) followed you back btw. :D

  38. abegail abundo2/28/12, 3:05 AM

    You looks so gorgeous. Congrats! :)
    Me, i'm frustrated to gain some weight coz im so skinny.

    Now following you.
    Hope you will follow back too.


  39. sonja consular8/23/12, 8:29 AM

    Oh my dear. we share the same thing haha. Ako was at my heaviest way back in 2010 at 187.5lbs :( not to mention I was always a chubby girl I was never skinny or something. But eventually my friend convinced me to use Herbalife nutritional shake, I started taking that Sept. 2010 and after 3 months of taking it I weigh now 130lbs and maintained it now for almost 2 years :) but I still want to lose a few more since this is still not my ideal weight for my height. It's great to hear stories like that.

  40. Omg you’re so cute!!

    Much love,




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