Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My BB Cream Collection

I am an addict. - A BB Cream Addict! I am head over heels in LOVE with BB Creams mainly because of the benefits it gives my skin unlike with those of liquid foundation, it has a lightweight formula that when applied to skin, it does not feel heavy at all, you don't even have to use a concealer since it does the job perfectly and of course, with continued use, it also has a healing properties that softens and smoothens the skin. It even acts as a sunblock and moisturizer. So why buy different types of products if you can have one product that acts as moisturizer, concealer, sunblock and foundation. 
 ◘ 1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream ◘
◘ 2. The Face Shop's Face It - HD Perfect BB Cream ♥ this is my favorite BB cream of all time ◘
◘ 3. The Face Shop's Face It - Power Perfection ◘
◘ 4. The Face Shop's Hydro Splash BB Cream ◘
◘ 5. Skin 79's Super BB Cream ◘
◘ 6. Skin 79's Diamond Pearl BB Cream ◘
◘ 7. The Face Shop's Face It - HD Perfect BB Cream - small size ◘
◘ 8. The Face Shop's Face It - Aqua Tinted BB Cream ◘
◘ 9. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream - Sheer Silky ◘

Most of the BB cream brand I use is from The Face Shop, I just love their products that is why I am a regular customer, I never had any allergic reaction or whatsoever that is why I keep on buying and trying out their product, they're all tried and tested. I even use their Shampoo, Conditioner and oh, their curling wax is the best! Which they all deserve a separate reviews. :) 

How bout you, have you tried using BB creams too? Let me know, I would love to try them out too :)

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll


  1. Hi Coline,

    that's a lot of BB creams you have. I'm planning to buy BB cream in The Face Shop, your favorite place (lol) and face powder too. My skin79 BB cream is now empty. I really think TFS products are of good quality and Korean products will work best in our skin since it is meant for Asian skin.

    stay pretty and flawless!

  2. PinkChinadoll2/1/12, 3:13 AM

    You should try their BB Creams, they have a lot of variants to choose from :) I'm sure there's one that will suit your skin.  I also wanted to try their whitening BB cream but I'm afraid that it will really brighten my face lol

  3. Thanks for posting this Coline. I am allergic to some cosmetics that's why I don't use make-up. I'll definitely try this one. And of course I'll get your favorite BB. Hehe. 

  4. wonderwoman452/1/12, 7:36 AM

    My brother raves about BB creams all the time. I really should try one out someday...


  5. bangbangsheshoots2/1/12, 11:28 AM

    woah your collection is pretty big!! I love Japanese BB creams and haven't turned back since hehe... I do like Luview a lot, it's hte only Korean BB cream I'm using right now!

  6. I don't think we have this brand in Greece! But it seems that you are pretty happy with their products!

  7. Charrybreyes2/1/12, 6:32 PM

    Wow you have a lot! Cant wait for your reviews :)

  8. PinkChinadoll2/1/12, 10:41 PM

    you're very much welcome Sey. I also have a sensitive skin and usually foundation gives me breakouts that is why i opted for BB creams instead. :) It's perfect for no make up look :)

  9. PinkChinadoll2/1/12, 10:42 PM

    I would love to try Japanese BB creams although they're not available here in Philippines...you have to get it online. :)

  10. ohh you have so many BB creams, I don't even have a single one! haha. I've used Missha before and I liked it though :D


  11. BB Cream! Na addict na din ako jan. hehehe

  12. wow you have lots of bbcream! don't they expire before you finish them up?

  13. Pears_lovemail2/4/12, 7:13 PM

    woww.. you really have a lotss of BB cream =D
    which one is really good in our skin, dear??
    actually, i just want to use bb cream, and thought maybe wanna start it with maybelline.
    how do you think about that ? is it good?

    visit my blog and follow it if you like it..


  14. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 6:10 AM

    My favorite would be HD BB cream and Missha BB Cream. Maybelline's BB cream was the first BB cream I used, I finished 2 tubes then switched to better BB creams :) You can also buy trial sizes first before buying the big bottles/tube :) I will be doing a review soon so watch out for it. Hugs♥

  15. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 6:11 AM

    I share it with my sister and I use it everyday so I think I could finish them all before they expire hahaha!  Hugs dear♥

  16. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 6:14 AM

    ikr?! I just can't get enough of them hahaha

  17. PinkChinadoll2/7/12, 6:15 AM

    Yes I am dearie! Hugs :)

  18. I used to love bb cream, but sadly mostly their looks so greyish on me :(

  19. PinkChinadoll2/8/12, 1:23 AM

    yeah, that's the downside of it, that is why you have to apply thinly on the skin so that it will blend with your skintone. I guess you haven't found the BB cream for you yet. :) Hugs dear♥

  20. i luv Bb creams too, i like missha 's silver tube..i think its the MIssha Vita Matte type...and i luv the blue tube by Etude house, called Magic BB cream, ive tried the Skin 79 Diamond Prestige BB which was the Rectangular Fuchsia Bottle, but the color is bad so i give it to a frd who is super pale...ive never tried  The Faceshop though, i did try Skinfood, it was alrite...but now i wanna try the Faceshop HD BB, i luv my HD foundation by MUFE, so if a BB is HD im very intrigued...now off to ebay search for that!~~~


  21. I really should try it. Never used BB cream before. I use Cover Girl foundation, which I have to buy in the US, I mean, ask my Mom to buy from the US every year, because we don't have CG in Indonesia. Such a fuss!

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  22. I used to love Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream, it has a lil more yellow tone than others, but it was so oily to me. So yeah, I haven't found the "it" BB cream yet :(

  23. OMG So many BB Creams you have!! I have one by Missha ( Nr.1 in your picture ) and I'm so far really happy with the result
    btw I'm following your blog now because I like your cute blog! xx

  24. PinkChinadoll2/29/12, 4:11 AM

    hahaha...you are so quick :) I love missha its a good brand really :)

  25. Hi! Which of these BB creams have a yellowish tint and doesn't break you out? Please suggest one for me, i don't like the others because they give off a greyish tint. Is there one in The Face Shop? You love it kasi, maybe you can suggest a good one, thanks!


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