Friday, February 24, 2012

Post ♥'s Day Dinner with Friends

Belated Happy Heart's day everyone....I know it's a bit late but hey the Love Month is not yet over so I guess this post is still reasonable.  Valentine's day is not just for lovers but for people who are capable to love.My Sweets and I did not even planned on having a dinner date, since we both have to report to work but he sent me a bouquet of  beautiful white roses. He did not send me any chocolates for one reason - it would ruin my diet LOL. But flowers are enough for me; its the thought and effort that counts. I guess we are not the only couple who did not have a dinner date,  I know a lot of people who spent their heart's day with their family and friends.
♥♥♥ A dozen White Roses from Sweets  ♥♥♥

Me and my friends at work goes on a dinner date every month. Two of them already moved their cheese but we still make it a point to sit back, relax, enjoy the good food over never ending chit chats and of course, coffee time afterwards.  So for this time, we've decided to have a post valentine's dinner date since it is February and it was still close to ♥'s day.
@C' Italian Dining - Angeles City with Aileen of  Fruitful Voyage,  Toots,  Pao and the rose among thorns - Mark King hahaha. Too bad Jackie was not able to join us but she will definitely join us this March. :)
Coffee overload before going home.

And by the way, here's a treat for you ( Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting -- My Best Seller hihihi )...I can't give you this personally so I might just show you the picture...just eat the cake with your imagination lol

How about you, how did you celebrate Valentine's day? I hope you enjoyed yours just as I enjoyed mine. :)  

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll


  1. Awww a dozen of white roses would definitely make my day. Your sweets is so sweet. I didn't get to enjoy Valentines too cause we have to report to work as well. 

    I can see in your smile that you had a great post Valentine Dinner with your friends.  It's is indeed a greater way to be with friends. My friends and I do this too. Most of the time it's lunch on a Saturday after work or if we still have time we go to movies. 

    What a mouth watering cupcake. I bet your business is on the go. Let me know when you already have the shop, I'll go and grab some when I get home for the  holidays.

  2. The cake? Yum! I  didn't have a date but it's okay,I had dinner with my family. I've been away from home for 5 years and I felt happy to have spent time with them, just watching mom and dad cuddle like they're super-kilig teenagers. Haha. 

    Your boyfie is so sweet and supportive to your diet as well for not sending you chocolates. Haha. You lucky girl!:)

  3. Though we were a bit disappointed with the food we ordered, I still enjoyed being with you guys and that's what always matters. Looking forward to our next date.

  4. Chnfashions3/3/12, 3:02 PM

    That was awesome!!

  5. Miss Iffa @ The Eastern Pearl3/6/12, 6:18 AM

    I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! I am your newest, most avid follower.

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  6. looks like you had a great time!  it's a nice tradition to do dinner w friends every month :)


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