Monday, September 12, 2011

Moon Cake Festival

Today we are celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival which is also known as MoonCake Festival or Chinese Lantern Festival. This holiday is celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese families. The festival is usually held every 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar so that would be around September or October therefore, this year it is today, September 12. However, in Hongkong, they officially celebrate it the day after the Festival which would be tomorrow.

Here in the Philippines, the festival is very popular among Filipino Chinese families. One way of celebrating this festive holiday is to have a family and friends gathering, play the famous Dice game and eat mooncake afterwards.  But don't ask me for the details of the dice game since it has been more than 10 years since I last played the game, but I guarantee you it's pretty fun and exciting. :) But anyway, what I truly enjoy during the holiday are the Mooncakes!

Mooncake is a Chinese pastry wherein it has a thick yummy filling of lotus seed paste, then in the middle part inside it contains a yolk of a salted duck eggs which symbolizes full moon.

A few weeks ago my sister went to Hongkong for a short vacation and I am happy and pleased that she bought home some ♥Mooncakes♥
♥ Gold Leaf Moon Cake ♥
Mini White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Whole Egg Yolk and Gold Foil
Mooncake L-O-V-E ♥♥♥

How bout you, do you like Mooncake? Do you celebrate it too?

Happy Mooncake Festival, Sweeties!

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll


  1. Arianna Angeline Rodriguez9/12/11, 11:51 PM

    Ohhh... This explains why my dad shoved so much mooncake my way today. Haha. Thanks for the info!

  2. saccharine01589/13/11, 6:11 AM

    i had mooncak last sunday yayyyyy!!!! i don't know why i didn't get any mooncakes this year. i usually receive mooncakes from my friends because they probably think i'm patay gutom LOL! :)

  3. Bru! Can I have a bite? Seriously... I haven't YET tried mooncakes! :( Too bad...  Im sure this is yummy as I am a fan of cakes, breads... 

  4. I love mid autumn festival time :D I don't really celebrate it though - I just like to eat the mooncakes haha :P

  5. PinkChinadoll9/15/11, 10:26 AM

    thanks for visiting dear! :) 

  6. PinkChinadoll9/15/11, 10:28 AM

    yey! they're delicious right? I just can't get enough of it hahaha! Maybe they didn't give you one this year because they know you already had mooncake last sunday :) LOL

  7. PinkChinadoll9/15/11, 10:29 AM

    Yes, they're really pretty :) and delicious too! :P

  8. PinkChinadoll9/15/11, 10:31 AM

    Sorry bru, we already ate all of them, I didn't know you haven't tried mooncakes yet, promise next year I'll make sure to share some to you. Btw, I know your mababaw so pwede na tinapay? LOL miss you!

  9. PinkChinadoll9/15/11, 10:33 AM

    thanks for visiting Rinny. :) As long as there's mooncakes, its not really important to celebrate the festival hahahaha!

  10. Hi Sis, how are you? and how's the baking lessons? Thanks for the awards. Never got the chance to grab them yet but I will this weekend. Thanks!

    I never tried mooncakes, people say they're delicious. And I love the way how they look.

  11. the best moon cake i've ever tasted!!! thanks for sharing the other half to me & jackie...hahaha. since i don't go to hongkong. i'll settle for eng bee

  12. omg! this one looks so delish! the post made me hungry!!
    i really miss celebrating moon cake festival...

  13. Those ckaes look beautiful! Happy Mooncake Festival to you too : )

  14. PinkChinadoll9/20/11, 3:25 AM

    Hello Sey! How ya been? The cake decorating lessons are getting stressful every week because of the weather. I have to redo the Roses, sampaguita and lily petals that I've made. :(  I just hope that Mr. Sun would come out so I can make beautiful flowers. 

    You should try mooncakes, I am pretty sure you will love it. :) Don't worry, there's always next year! hihihi

  15. PinkChinadoll9/20/11, 3:28 AM

    You are very welcome beautiful ladies! :) Eng Bee Tin have different flavored mooncakes, I haven't tried the flavored ones yet, I always settle for the original because I have a feeling I will not like the flavored mooncakes.  :) 


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