Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Awards

Beautiful Monday Morning Sweeties! Today I would like to share a few blog awards. These are long overdue and I am sorry its been too long before I was able to blog about it, but hey, better late than never, right? So, without further adieu, I present to you my blog awards...tada!

I would like to thank Nancy of The Dark Side of Beauty and Des of Chic & Sassy Homemaker for awarding me these blogger awards, I really do appreciate having this award and I am an avid follower of both blogs that is why it is an honor to be awarded by two great bloggers.

I got two Versatile Blogger awards from both gorgeous ladies.
Both awards - Stylish Blogger and One Lovely Blog awards given by Des.

Now, here's the fun part. Do not forget to mention the person who gave you the award and of course please link her/him back. In accepting these awards, you have to share 6 facts about yourself and share these to other bloggers who deserves to have these awards. 

1.  I super Love dogs, in fact I have 8:
 Roxy - She's a Rottweiler and she is the sweetest of all and she only listens to me bwahaha!
    Duchess - She's also a Rottweiler and she is Roxy's little girl but I guess we can no longer say she's little LOLs. She's the curious one, whenever you touch something or you do something she will always snoop around the things you've touched when you're no longer around.
Cotton - She's a Japanese Spitz and she is so white as a cotton that is why we called her cotton. 
   Snow White - She's half Japanese Spitz and half Maltese but she looks more of a maltese. She's the energetic one, she always jump, run, jump, run, jump and so on...She just can't get tired.
   Bubbles - She's a Lhasa Apso and I call her the Jumper. She jumps a lot and she can jump really really high..and she loves to eat Cornflakes and roasted chicken. 
   Chico - He's a half Lhasa Apso and a  half Shih Tzu. He's the jealous and moody one. He can really be sweet but he wants to be the only one who have your attention. If you play with the other dogs, he'll get jealous and he will just sit at the corner of the room facing the wall, even if you call him he will just pretend to not hear you at all. 
   Ernie - He's a mongrel (askal) but he's the OC one. He doesn't like to get his paws wet but he loves to take a bath, he is a very picky eater too. He loves to eat dog food, rice and  sinigang. He hates carrots and cabbage. 
  Mallows - She is the newest member of the family. She's only a month old and she is Bubble's little pup. She is a mix breed of Lhasa Apso (Bubbles) and a Shih Tzu. She's they playful one and she loves to lick feet and slippers. Her name is mallows because she reminds me of chocolate mallows. 
I wish I have all of their pictures to show you but I don't have them saved in my PC right now. :( I only have Chico and Bubbles) I  will just show it to you all some other time, okay? 


2.  I am a huge Old School Rock and Roll fan. I guess it is because of Daddy's influence. He is a rocker! \m/

3.  This is going to be a big revelation: Way back in Highschool I was a CAT Officer. I know I don't look like one and if I'm going to tell some of my friends who didn't know me since high school I know they will NEVER believe me.  Sorry guys but I really have to cover my face with an apple since I really look hideous with the uniform...I seriously hate it. I can't believe I have a copy of the picture too! I guess I have to burn this afterwards LOL

4.  I love anything Corn - Corncob, popcorns, kernel corns...I love them! But popcorns are my favorite :)
5.  I cannot drive wearing slippers or any flat shoes, I need to wear anything with heels probably around one inch and above but not lower than that. 

6. Some people are hooked on watching Asian Dramas but for me its different --its watching Anime. I am a huge anime fan. And my top two favorites are: Naruto and Bleach. I never fail to download their new episodes every week...they're really addicting. I even have a collection of Naruto action figures hihihi.

And now I am passing all of these awards to the following great bloggers:
♥ Aileen of Fruitful Voyage
♥ Angel of  Angelamhiere's Little Heaven
♥ Sugar of Whimsical Whatnots & Whatever
♥ Locke of My Beauty Love
♥ Dang of NeuroChiq's Nook
♥ Sey of 14th Street
♥ Maggie of A Beautiful Rhapsody

So there you have it ladies! You all deserve it. Enjoy! :)

♥hugs and be safe♥

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll


  1. Allthingsmarie9/6/11, 5:44 AM

    Congratulations on your awards and wow, you have 8 dogs!:D

    Happy September!:D

    ***** Marie *****allthingsmarie.com

  2. Kitchen Belleicious9/6/11, 6:46 AM

    Congrats on your awards! You so deserved them. I can't believe you have 8 dogs. I have one and it is enough work for me! LOL! Hope your having a great day

  3. Congratulations sis! And thank you for passing the award to my blog! ^__^ You dogs are so cute. I love small dogs... ang sarap nilang icuddle. ^__^ 

  4. Dang_villanueva9/6/11, 10:45 AM

    Haynaku, we're really tweens! I have 2 dogs and can you believe that your bubbles and my bossing are look alikes?? ;) I'll send you his pic! Thanks tweenie, we really have to meet soon!

  5. whoa, you have a lot of cute dogs! can you take a pic of snow white? she probably looks really cute & cuddly! and oh, i can't drive with heels.but i can with flats :D hehe~ and I love Anime too!~ Bleach is awesome, my hub is also a fan :D thanks so much for the award! muah xoxo

  6. saccharine01589/6/11, 4:45 PM

    thank you sis! your puppies are soooo cute! :3

    i was also a CAT officer. the highest rank i achieved was lt. col so no to phils going to war because i think i'll get called agad hahaha! :P

  7. PinkChinadoll9/7/11, 4:28 AM

    naku sis pareho tayo ng rank....so NO to war dapat hahaha! 

  8. PinkChinadoll9/7/11, 4:30 AM

    Sure dear I will....and I might just post it here or on FB and I'm gonna tag you hihihi. Wow, you like Bleach too! Cool :)

  9. PinkChinadoll9/7/11, 4:30 AM

    really tweenie? I wanna see your bossing! Send me! Send me the pic! hahaha....Yeah we should meet, maybe pag di na tayo both busy ;)

  10. PinkChinadoll9/7/11, 4:32 AM

    You welcome sis! Yes small dogs are really sweet too! And they're much easier to play with unlike ng malalaki kasi mabigat sila and I always end up having a bruise pag yung mga rotties kalaro ko LOL

  11. PinkChinadoll9/7/11, 4:33 AM

    Thank you dearie! I can't believe I have 8 dogs too hahaha :)

  12. PinkChinadoll9/7/11, 4:34 AM

    Thank you, Marie. Yes I have 8 and I love them to bits. ♥

  13. hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog.. I followed you back.

    and oh, I'm also one hell of an otaku! I've been an anime addict for forever!...  and I'm currently hooked with tons of manga too...hehehe

    Congrats on your awards! :D

  14. I used to watch a lot of Anime as well when I was younger! and ya corn is delicious!!

  15. it's fun to watch kiddie stuff once in a while...since I'm a kid at heart! hahaha...Yay for the love of corn :)

  16. PinkChinadoll9/12/11, 8:26 AM

    Thank you April and thanks for the follow, appreciate it! Hope you can share some of your favorite manga :) Hugs!♥

  17. Sis thanks sa awards. I will write one post soon. I am so happy thanks!

  18. Your dog "Bubbles" looks exactly like my dog "Happy". lol

    - Peter


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