Friday, October 8, 2010

HongKong Adventure

Before anything else, I would like to greet you...yes you, all of you my beautiful readers  a happy day! I missed you all and missed my blog too! It has been two months since my last update. Sorry guys, I've been a little busy and VERY lazy for the past two months...I guess I needed a break. Oh wait, I just had my vacation last August but it was just a short one, I guess it's better than no vacation at all. 
Last August Sweets, Toots and yours truly went to Hong Kong for a short vacation. We've been preparing for our trip for weeks and we even drafted a sample Itinerary just to make sure we manage our time wisely while roaming around the city, you see...we have a very limited time we only have 2 days to roam the city and on our 3rd day, we have an early flight going home.  

We arrived at the airport at 10 in the morning, The airport is very big and when I say big I mean HUGE! You even have to ride a train just to go to Immigration.  It was already 11:30 when we finished all the requirements and things we needed to do first before going to the hotel to check-in, that is,  (money changer, octopus cards etc.).   On our first day, we went to The Peak, HK Museum, Avenue of Stars, Harbour City and Night Market. Oh and our timing was perfect because almost all stores are on sale and most outlet stores are on 70% off! Perfect isn't it? As for the next day, we've decided to to go Ngong Ping 360 and DisneyLand. I will just post another entry about the different places we've been to since there's so much story to tell and one blog post is not enough =)
Before the trip, most of my friends and officemates who have been to HK, warned us that most people there do not speak english and most of them are rude.  Well, I have to agree that not all can speak English but about the rude part--I am sorry but I have to disagree. Maybe some people are rude but, you can also see a lot of rude people here in the Philippines right? These kind of people are everywhere and too bad we can't get rid of them right? So, it's just the same in HK. In fact, we even met 3 kind hearted people who helped us out.  The first person who helped us  was an old lady and she's a HK national,  we asked her for direction on how to go to Jordan exit and the old lady can hardly speak English but she was kind enough to help and answer our questions even if she is having a hard time explaining, and what made her an angel is that she even walked with us and showed us the way to the Hotel. The second person is an OFW, when she found out that we were from PI, she was very helpful in giving us direction and which elevator to take. And lastly, the third person was a young guy and he's a HK national too. He gave us the direction on how to go to harbour city mall and he told us that since he was too early to meet up with his wife at the mall, he can help us and get us a taxi to go to harbour city since our legs and feet can no longer walk due to exhaustion.  These people are very kind and we really do appreciate all the help!
It was my first time to travel outside the country so it was really fun and memorable. I definitely am going back to HK and when I do, I wish to take my Mom, Sis and Sweets. And if anyone of you is generous enough to send me free roundtrip tickets, I will greatly appreciate it! hahaha!

Thank god it's Friday and have a sweeeet day to you all!
Chinadoll ♥ 


  1. Yay! Welcome back!!!

    Where's my pasalubong? Hahaha!

    Mwuah! Missed you girl!!! ^__^

  2. I miss you! and when I say I miss you it's like, I MISSSSSSSSS YOUUUUUUUU! it's been a while and I'm glad you're back. So, that's the reason why you're incognito uh??? YOu went to Hong Kong!I'm Glad for you! and I'm glad you're back.!!!

  3. ang sarap namang magbakasyon kung ganyan! hehehe :D

  4. sarap namang magbasyon kung ganyan friend.. :D

  5. I've been waiting to see your vacay post and I'm glad you finally had the chance to blog again! No doubt that you had a great time because you have your sweets with you. =)

    It's good to hear that you met some nice people who are gracious enough to help you out. We've met such sweet people there too when we were in Kowloon area. My heart goes out to them, because when you're in a foreign land, you'll really appreciate these kind of people who are so helpful. :)

    Anyway, looking forward to read more of your entries! mwuah

  6. Thanks pretty Ladies and handsome Dylan! I really missed all of you and it really feels good to be back...I guess I just need to motivate myself to blog more often, I'm currently up to something that's why I wasn't able to update....I'll share it all to you on my next entry...It's a promise!

  7. Aweee!! It looks so much fun!! I wish I could go to HongKong as well :)

  8. welcome back to blogging Chinadoll!, it made me realize I should update my blog too but I have to inform my bloggerfriends that my blog is back to its old domain ( oh by the way, in case you find someone giving away free round tickets to hongkong, let me know, i'll hunt him/her before you find him/her...hahaha.

    miss you girl...keep on doing the Z!!!

  9. @ Iyah ~ I'm sure you can go there too...soon! I suggest you to try to check cebu pacific's site, you can subscribe to their notification so that you'll get an e-mail whenever they have promos. That's what we did that is why we were able to get a very cheap fare. =)

    @ Aidisan ~ feels so damn good to be back...I'm back with a vengeance! hahaha. I have already edited your blog's URL, thanks for letting me know. Btw, have you tried the vid already? If yes, how was it?

  10. wow ang saya naman :) happy for you & cliff :)

  11. sarap namang magbasyon kung ganyan friend.. :D

  12. Yay! Welcome back!!!

    Where's my pasalubong? Hahaha!

    Mwuah! Missed you girl!!! ^__^


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