Monday, July 26, 2010

Ooohh La La Lashes

The first thing that I look at a person is his/her eyes. You can simply read the person's personality and feelings through his eyes. It is a reflection of what a person feels inside. Since the eyes are the mirror of the soul, why not prettify your eyes!    I have always wanted to have a thick, long and curled eyelashes ---badly! I know that it is almost impossible to grow long eyelashes and too bad, I was not blessed for having a medium length lashes just like my mom's. But thank goodness, I found the perfect solution  Eyelash Extension! 
I asked my good friend, Charlene as to where I could get an eyelash extension. I want mine to be done by experts since our eyes are very sensitive. I asked her if she already heard about iLash Salon. She told me that most of her friends from work go there for extensions and she really recommends the salon. And you know what happened next -- APPOINTMENT!

At the salon.....the application...
At first, they will be asking you what type of extensions do you want. You can choose from Fine Natural and Mascara Effect. For each type, you will also be asked what length you prefer they have: short, medium and long. 
I picked medium length with mascara effect since I am very fond curling my lashes and wearing mascara..this would really save me a lot of time. They will also be asking you to fill out a card for their records and ask you to read the details on how the process works before they let you to go inside the room.

First have to lie down on their reclining couch (which was very comfy) all throughout the application.  They will ask you to look up so they can apply tape to cover your lower lashes and around the eyes that will serve as their guide before applying the extensions. If you feel any stinging during the process, you have to inform them right away so that they could do some remedy quickly. 
The whole process takes 1 and a half hour to 2 hours for Mascara effect while for the Natural lashes, it would only take an hour.

And while the staff was busy applying the tape, I didn't know that Cha was also busy taking my pictures!

Me and Cha (with her newly treated hair) Look at her smile...she's actually having fun taking pictures without me knowing it! But thanks to her though, I have pictures to post in this entry =)

After the application, you will be advised to not to wet your lashes for 12 hours,   You cannot curl your lashes and even apply mascara. You can still apply eyeliner but make sure to not to use liquid and cream based liners. Anyway, you won't be needing them anymore. ☺ They will also be giving you an After-care instructions on a piece of paper.  You also need to go back every 2 or 3 weeks for touch ups.
I super L-O-V-E it! The extensions emphasized and opened up my chinita eyes. With these extensions having a long, thick and perfectly curled lashes is very easy.  
I had mine done for only 800 Pesos (about $17.29) instead of a thousand pesos (about $21.61) since they have a 20% promo. Not bad at all!
Even though washing my face takes a lil longer because you really have to be very careful to not let the lashes wet or you can't just simply rub your eyes and you have to be very conscious when sleeping, it still feels great to wake up with beautiful lashes! 
How about you? What are your thoughts about eyelash extensions? If you have tried it, how was it?
Keep on smiling and have a sweet day ya'll!
~ the Pink Chinadoll


  1. Super pretty mo Tweenie! The lashes really opened up your already pretty chinita eyes. I didn't know they have the mascara effect, because my cousin always get the curled ones lang. I haven't tried it since super tamad ako to go back, and very careless to rub. Pero inggit ako, ganda! =D

  2. awesome! Have you tried those home extension kits? I kinda want to try them :)


  3. you look gorgeous on those eyelashes extensions. you did the right choice. I haven't tried them yet-I'll think about it first because I'm not so careful, I might just waster the money-ha-ha-ha!

    Thanks Corine! Take care!!! How's Angeles City going on?

  4. @Dang ~ thanks sis, ganun din ako dati very careless kaso once you have them on, ewan ko for me bigla ako naging conscious hahaha. Yng Mascara effect the hairs are thicker and mas marami silang ilalagay. Try them at iLash marami naman silang branch hihihi, palagay kana din =)

    @LiLy ~ I haven't tried home extensions, I guess I'm scared to try it, I don't even know how to use false eyelashes hahaha, that's why I decided to just let the pro do it. Try it, it will really open up your eyes =)

    @Sey ~ hey! I missed you! Try to give it a thought but anyway you could always use curlers and mascara right, they give you the same effect but not "that" long lashes hahaha. How are you na? Hope you're feeling a lot better. Angeles City is just fine but I'm not sure if you heard the news already, there's a psycho killer on the lose and most of his victims are expats. Really scary! anyway, hope they could catch this person already. :(

    Be safe okay! Hugs to you dear!♥

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  6. Newest Follower! I hope you can come see me at

  7. Hi!

    I’m following you now from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”


  8. I'm on a Tuesday Follow Me and am now your follower.

    Have a great Tuesday.


  9. I missed you too-glad your back and I'm back too. OMG!!! What a psycho killer killing expats? that's scary...Be careful and be sure you have someone with you when you go out. Okay! I'm using mascara and curlers for now, but I will try the extension when I got the time.

  10. All I can say about your mascara effect long eyelash is...BONGGA!!!

    Stay pretty Collyn:)

  11. I was waiting for you to blog about your lashes! Finally! Haha. It's my pleasure to accompany you on your eyelashes journey.. Please let me know when's the next appointment ok! Love yah bru!! :D

  12. You have gorgeous eyes darlin!! I know how wonderful it feels whenever you look at the mirror and see your beautiful eyes.. It's good as well that you were able to blog about it! Mine were already gone and I wasn't able to make a special post. lol But I was able to save some pictures as a remembrance . =)

    Stay beautiful!

  13. oohhhh you look gorgeous!! :D that's an awesome post about the whole experience! :D

    Animated Confessions

  14. so pretty!:)

  15. Grabe nakakatuwa naman sis, your post was really detailed and it's great that you loved the experience and enjoyed the results. :)

  16. Yup, looks great. I agree your views on eyes - the mirror of our thoughts.

  17. thanks for shared the photo~ I've been thinking of getting those too

  18. thanks for shared the photo~ I've been thinking of getting those too

  19. I'm on a Tuesday Follow Me and am now your follower.

    Have a great Tuesday.


  20. awesome! Have you tried those home extension kits? I kinda want to try them :)



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