Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I have a new obsession ~ making collage ~ I love pictures soooo much. I love collecting old photos, taking pictures then look at them and of course striking a pose in front of the cam I'm actually good at it...Call me Ms. Photogenic...kidding but that is true..hahaha! I know my dear friend Cha would agree...because she is the one who taught me on how to properly project in front of the cam. She's the guru and I am her apprentice...

I am also into scrapbooking. I was so addicted to it...I would even stay up late at night just to finish my project and I usually ended up scolded by mommy...hahaha...

If you are the creative type, this is a good hobby for you...for me it's works just fine. There's something good and bad to it... GOOD: It unleashes my creativity. BAD: it is quite costly, I usually spend almost half of my salary just to buy those cutie materials..some of them I don't use but because they are very nice to look at...I still buy them. My reason for that - "Sa susunod wala ka nang mabibiling ganito...tago ko muna magagamit rin someday."

Whenever I see a picture taken, candid or not..it gives me a mix of emotions...it can be happy or sad. Every photograph tells a story, it indicates relationships within and among the person in the picture. They are a reflection and definition of self.

Things to be thankful for....
1. Another wonderful day to spend with family and friends.
2. MuMu's VISA was approved. Yey, Cha! (If you are all wonderin as to who is mumu..well..he is Cha's hubby...I mean soon to be hubby).
3. My sister woke up in the right side of the bed!
4. My friend Joms, gave me a bracelet..yey..pasalubong.
5. Migraine only lasted for 20 minutes...woohoo!
6. Lunch with Cha...( the other day pa) and for always being there...(online everyday!)

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