Sunday, July 2, 2006


Hiyee! I miss Bikini Bottom! I got these from a very good friend, Ira toot! :) To my wounded healer...i'm sure you'll like these.....just check it out! mountain
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vvound3dh3al3r 7/6/06 3:20 PM Permalink
AWESOMENESS!!! Yup! i like it specially the spongeback mountain.. :: tongue sticking out::
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boss1iit 7/3/06 7:47 PM Permalink
Wow !! this is sooooo kewllllllll.. I never seen the spongeback mountain episode on TV and maka touch ya.. it strikes a chord in me... after watching it I end up asking myself if "what kind of friend I am.. am I patrick or spongebob kind of friend?" Way-to-Go boss.. your Journal is getting better everyday. :)
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janiceiratuazon 7/1/06 10:43 PM Permalink
my gosh i looove the spongeback mountain. hahahapatrick is so funny. i love him!

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