Friday, July 21, 2006


It's been a very busy week for me...since the start of the month I attended a lot of training for the new's very tiring...I don't get enough quality time for my family and friends...I miss them already. Next week we have another set of trainings to attend..with that we have to report to work in the morning shift..oh I hate morning shift..I prefer and always loved the night shift...oh well, as if I can do something about it..I hope it will only be good for 1 day, but we do not have any schedule yet but from what I heard it'll be for 3 days..oh no!!! but then's not yet confirmed.

Anyway, last Wednesday we had a little fun after our training...everybody deserves to have fun after a tiresome day right? Cel, was bringing her we had our own pictorial Then, after work me and some of my new teammates went to Congo Grill for a nice dinner. This is very new to me...yes, I do go out and have a good time but I always go out with Ann and the gang....I guess sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone...I did enjoy the food and my new friendsies. Here are some of the pictures....Before I go...let me leave you with this.... hahaha! Till next time,
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greendevlin007 7/21/06 12:39 AM Permalink
ang cute mo naman sa pic nyo.. thanks for sharing your blog.. thanks for trusting me.. ow well d ka pa rin nagbago, pretty ka pa rin since nung 1st year college tau and now, gwabe! laki ng pinagbago mo. nwei thanks for the time and sharing your dreams in this blog... take care and godbless. til next time. ^_^

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