Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome Chico

Who would have known that our precious Bubbles was pregnant! Yes, pregnant! She always had her regular visit at the Pet Clinic nearby our subdivision after the stud service to check if by chance she got pregnant, but the Vet said that she was not. It was just "fats" because every time the Vet would touch her tummy to check, she said that she could not feel anything and possibly it was just fats. So there, we got convinced that she's not preggy at all, we didn't even bother to try ultrasound because that was just too costly. So anyway last October 23 around 3 a.m. Bubbles gave birth to 2 cute little puppies. One male which is the brownish black one, and the other was a female with white spots. But unfortunately Strawberry the female one died after 5 hours. It seemed like she was a premature pup because she was so tiny and she was the weak one while Chocolate, the male pup was the bigger one and very active. If you're wondering who came up with the name Chocolate and Strawberry well blame my sister. I dunno what's gotten into her but haller! Chocolate! I don't like it so I contested that we have to think of a cuter name. Chocolate is fine but the name reminds me of a local gay actor. Good thing I was able to convince her to change the name that's why she came up with the name Chico. I still don't like the name but, majority wins right? Mommy and Sheela loved the name, so I have no choice but to agree as well. I took a shot with my phone and here he is.....Chico the fatty puppy Ü
This is Chico @ 2 weeks

Chico and Bubbles peeking!

Till next time, S-w-e-e-t Day to yall!

Pink Princess


  1. cute naman ni chico! :)

  2. yes tabachingching nya hihihi

  3. brown gay or whatever! there's an old saying, you can never do anything good with crossbreeds, catch my drift?

  4. FYI: chico's breed is lhasa apso, get it?

  5. cute naman ni chico! :)


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