Thursday, November 9, 2006


Okay…I started typing this entry with a smile since I am happy that I get to chat with my two crazy buddies ~ Jen and Allen…But I have to tell you right now that this Journal is trying to test my patience! As of this time, I am not a happy camper! The first entry that I have typed got lost…after I clicked gave me another window and said, “Sorry, AOL Journal is not available at this time” which means…my entry got lost! I guess I have to keep a copy of it first in my notepad first before saving it…aarrrgghhh!

Well anyway, it’s already lunchtime and I still need to sleep so I’ll make it a quickie update.

Right now, I need your help. Some of my friends needs your prayers. With my last entry I told you that this coming Sunday will be MJ’s christening. I’m afraid that it will no longer push through since Ann and Pong decided to just move it to a later date. The reason is that Marcus just had his operation yesterday. I have just talked to Ann and she said that right now, the doctors are just observing him since the operation went well. They will be staying at the hospital till Sunday.

On the other hand, my wounded healer’s dad also need your help. Right now, he is suffering from his kidney ailment and is currently undergoing a treatment called “detox” she said that it’s a form of treatment wherein you will soak your feet in a water and then it will remove all your toxins ( haven’t seen it yet so I’m not so sure on how it is done). He is still recuperating but he is getting weaker and weaker. But she said that so for, with this form of healing (through detox), it is effective indeed.

Last from my list…..please include Carol’s mom. I hope she could get to eat more so that she can have a faster recovery. Oh and I still have another one….last among last….Please pray for baby Ashby to help her get well soon and of course please include Lamae’s toe, just ask her if you want to know the details. =) Luv u LaLa!

I know God will hear our prayers. Just like what my friend, Wizdumtut, have told me last night. She said, “I know that Great Physician, the Great Healer will extend his healing hands upon the people we are praying for..and our love ones”.

Till next time my dearie….

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