Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brown Butterfly

For the past fifty five years, daddy's life revolved around 3 ladies ~ Mommy, Sheela Ann and yours truly. We are the only girls in his life. In everything that he does(like decision making) he always make sure that mommy is always by his side. They always support each other no matter what. He is a very loving and caring father...and a C-O-O-L D a D. I even remember that some of my friends would envy me for having cool and hip dad. We miss him so much! And I know that even if he is already in heaven he is happy watching over us, proud of what we have become. During his final days here on earth, I know and I can feel that he is worried of what might happen if he leaves us. I was worried too. Lossing a parent is one of the biggest fear I ever have. But it is his undying >>LOVE<< what makes us strong. A year has passed, but memories still remain. All of the cherished and wonderful moments with daddy will always remain in my heart. The photo above was taken last November 25. Daddy's first year death anniversary. We had prepared a dinner and invited our close friends and some of the members from our church...These are the people who stood by our side giving us support and comfort that we need. I thank you guys soooo much!
If all of you are wondering how come I named this entry as Brown Butterfly well that is because..throughout the dinner, me, my mom and bhey saw this brown butterfly at the top of our main door. Even until late at night when all of the guest already left, the brown butterfly was still there. I know thats him, watching over us.
Well anyway, I don't have many pictures to share coz I fo actually forgot to re charge my cam...but good thing NiQ~ being a Girl's Scout was bringing her handy dandy cam.We had a mini photoshoot when all of the guest finally left. =) Mommy was also very happy to see her 3 favorite girls ~ Cha, Ann and NiQ she missed them so much. And for those who wasn't able to come, mommy was looking for you.

On that very same day, Arc was acting a bit weird, its not just me who noticed it but my sis as well. hmmm... I wonder what's goin on inside her fragile little mind. (little kc mdyo maliit po other words cute parang si Eric Cartman).

>>>Sheela Ann, NiQ & ArceliSam<<<

With Lovely Nikki

>>Bhey, Me, Ann, Cha & ArceliSam<< (Arc, sensya na
tinakpan ka nanaman ni Cha...bad nya noh? hihihi)

With my two bestbuddies=)

Another exciting is that we have just found out that my Cha's Mom and Nikki's mom were actually friends. Here is what happened....When Cha's mom arrived to pick her up, Cha wanted to introduce Nikki as her new friend. Now, when NiQ saw tita, she said that her face very familiar and then she asked where did they lived...and then she told tita her mom's name...Small World! Both of their mom's knew each other. ;) That was pretty exciting.

Me and my precious...after a very long busy day....were sooo tired..kaya ganyan na po itsura namen...this was taken around 1 am already.

The following day was MJ's christening...well technically it was just a reception since last November 12 he already had it right after he was dismissed from the hospital. It was good to see him, healthier and bigger but I think he got tired with all of the guest, coz most of the time during that afternoon, he was sleeping. I even took a picture of him while sleeping..good thing he was very sound asleep.

MJ, Pretty Mom ~ Ann and Ninang ArceliSam

ArceliSam, Me & Ann
Till next time dearie....

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  • #3 Comment from charlenecardeno6 | Email charlenecardeno6
    12/4/06 7:13 PM | Permalink
    collyn!! super saya ko that night.. it was wonderful being with you again at your very home sweet home.. feels like home tlga wen im there.. too bad ira and nancy cant come.. namimiss ko noon tayong 4.. hehe.. pero happy naman ako cuz u introduced me to your friendly friends.. ngayon feeling ko friends na rin kmi nila ann, arc at nikki! haha o dba YFC tlga ako! hehe.. pro you're lucky to have them kasi they're super! bait sila grabe wala ako masabi! and i am lucky to have u collyn! at sobrang namiss ko si tita mommy and sheela! si mommy ha.. blooming tlga promise! and c sheela vavavvoom na tlga! sobrang dalaga na! and u sister!! pumayat na!! oh well.. kht ayoko sabhn.. cge na nga.. hehe!

    and ... sympre si tito daddy.. tito will always be in our prayers.. He will always be remembered cuz he is a very good man. :)

    **pkisabi kay nikki!! bruha sya.. hehe.. magkakilala pla mga mommies nmin sobra! haha.. hay small world tlga! mwah*
  • #2 Comment from janiceiratuazon | Email janiceiratuazon
    12/3/06 9:54 PM | Permalink
    waah. im so jealous. i shouldve been there. you had a very hip dad. i remember him being the rocker dad that he is, listening to 101.7 ba yun na puro rock pinapatugtog. sobrang sa kanya ka nagmana! hehe

    he will always be in my prayers. he's in good hands now. diba? :)

    im so proud of you. huggies!!
  • #1 Comment from mhiarc | Email mhiarc
    12/2/06 6:46 AM | Permalink
    Hmmnn.. next time I know where to put myself .. behind the lense. . kunan ko na lang kayo ng pictures. good thing walang group pic na kasama ako kundi pagkakamalan nilang BEAUTies and the beastlet...
    good to see your mom and sis again..
    and2 lang ako..

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