Monday, October 2, 2006

Good News

Wonderful sunny Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Hope you had a blast while I stayed home just sleeping and sleeping well last Saturday I was not feeling well that's why. Hey, I'm not that lazy..just sleeping whole day. Well, there' so much good news to tell. So, let's get it started.

It has been weeks that me and Ann were exchanging text messages as to when will she give birth, we were both excited. And last weekend, Ann had a very weird dream. She dreamt that she already gave birth and it was her baby's christening. Me and Arc were the ninangs and it is kinda funny because the Ninangs were wearing gown..(it was a flower girl's gown!) I can't even imagine myself wearing a little girl's gown! hahaha..I guess that was the sign that the baby is coming.....Last September 25, around 1 in the afternoon, I received a text message from Ann Ganda. Finally, the long wait is over...she gave birth to a wonderful baby boy ~ MJ ~ He weighs 6.16 pounds and just like Ann, he has a curly hair. I was so excited to see her and her precious but it was raining hard that day and it was already late, so when I called her, I just told her that I will be visiting her the following morning. By the way, if all of you are wondering why MJ, well it's not because Ann and Pong were Michael Jackson fanatic. Baby's name is Marcus John (M from Mary Ann and J from John Paul), and it is a very pretty name. But do you know that before they have finally decided to settle for this name, they have a very long list of names to choose from? It's like almost weekly or monthly they have to change the baby's name. From Anthony Lawrence to Tyler and so on....but I like this one better. So the next day, we visited them. The MJ is sooo cute! I even took a few pictures..but he is a very shy baby, every time I press on the button to take a picture, he would always cover his face. I kept on trying over and over, I think I tried taking his pictures almost 6 times but he's really good in covering his face. But I have a successful one, with Ann holding him. Any way, I'll just send you updates on my next visit.

Yesterday, October first was my uncle and cousin's birthday. Yes, father and son have the same birth date, nice isn't it? Well, I greeted both of them. I know most of you know that I'm not really close with them but for the past few weeks, I was a bit surprised that my cousin has been constantly sending me some messages, he even asked me where he could find/look for a job. Well, knowing him, he is not the type of person who would normally contact me if he needs help. From then on, he sends me forwarded text messages, not as in everyday but once in a while..somehow, it is a good thing for me..knowing that he is still concerned with my family.
On the other hand, my uncle was very happy. He thought that I forgot his special day. Of course I was also glad that I was able to cheer him up a bit. But what surprised me most is that...he was asking for forgiveness for the things that they have done. At first, I didn't know how to respond to that...looking back at the things that have happened last year...still, the heartache remained. The pain and tears we cried...all are still fresh in my memory. I even told myself that no matter what I cannot and will never forgive them. To tell you honestly, this is my current struggle F - O - R - G - I - V - E - N - E - S - S. I have been asking God to give me the strength and soften my heart toforgive those people. And He did answered my prayer, finally I was able to tell my uncle.."yes, I forgive you." It was a wonderful feeling, I felt so light and happy. Another good news is that he already surrendered and offered all to the Lord and he's been going to church once again. I am happy for him....(sana lang it happened earlier pa, like last that he could attend Sunday service with my dad and they could teach those kids how to play drums and guitars. Because both of them are musically inclined. My dad used to teach drums, guitar and bass lessons at the church).

Things to be thankful for today:
1. Another wonderful day to spend with family and friends.
2. Had a wonderful time playing some games with my sis!
3. Finally, my cousin from Visayas was able to find new house helpers. He will be coming with them. Ciempre kasama na short vacation here. He will be visiting his wife din in Manila.
4. Nice chat with NiQ. Her mom just celebrated her birthday last week. NiQ gave me some updates. Glad it went well. And nice to know her mom still remembers me! hahaha! Hey mommy misses you na rin.

By the way, I'm not sure if I already told you that mommy bought me a hula hoop a few months back.... I suck! yes that's true. And just two weeks ago....she bought me skipping rope! And the verdict? I suck Big Time! I used to play this when I was in elementary but I need two person to hold the ends the of the rope. Then I will just jump right there in the middle...but if I have to do it all by myself? Oh, Help me!

How bout you have any idea on what will she buy next?

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