Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Weekend!

Beautiful rainy day! It started raining once again....Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as for me last Saturday, me and mommy went to Magalang, she visited an old lady there. supposedly, I should stay at home but mommy wants me to drive instead of my sis. But it's okay, I already had my sleep that time. Oh well, every time I go to Magalang or even just hear the name of that place, I only have one thing in mind....Pastillas!!!! I miss their pastillas so much, so sad I didn't get the chance to buy some because it was already late. Oh well for my craving....

I'm sad...it's been almost a week that my stubborn *** is not talking to my mom...I don't know what's her problem, she's not even talking to me. She'll only talk to me is she have questions or need something. All I know is that last week, mommy talked to her, because my mom is receiving some complaints from some of our customers regarding her attitude..well...I hate to say this but she do have an attitude problem...I even talked to her about that. And because of that...she's mad or something...and she doesn't want to talk to me and mommy...Well, that is for her own good I just hope she realizes this before it's too late. By the way, do you remember my previous entry about someone who lied to me? ~ that was my ***. (No questions please, I don't want to talk about it).

Yesterday, since mommy was sad, I baked a cake for her...at first I was planning to bake Carrot Cake but sadness, I lost my recipe (yan yan burara kasi masyado!). So I just changed my mind and baked Pineapple ~ Carrot Cake (it still has carrots). Every time I bake, I always makes mommy happy...she's a cake lover. Way back when I was stillon my pigtails, every recessI have a small slice of cake for my baon, she always bakes for us, she loves baking too! Then, me and my friend would always cut that piece of cake in half, I always share my baon with her. And now, it's my turn to bake for her....Now, what did my critics say? "It was delicious!" I find it funny yesterday, because when I first tasted it, for me it tasted..uhmmm...I don't know what terminology I should use but it didn't taste good for me...and yet mommy and our housemaid loved it, even Finch and Ernie loved them too! (which is by the way my two handsome dogs). Then, this morning, I ate a slice of it and they were right all along..it was heavenly. I guess there was something wrong with my taste bud.
Well, this is it for me....I still have to review my FRD codes...Help! I need someone to wake me up! Every time I review those codes, I ended up sleeping! No..please..not again!
Till next time,

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janiceiratuazon 8/23/06 9:15 PM Permalink
penge recipeeee!!!
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samsoncel 8/17/06 11:39 AM Permalink
'had a taste of that Delicious cake and after eating it.. i almost forgot my name.. :::noddding:::thanks princess C... it's heavenly

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