Tuesday, September 6, 2005

When you feel...

Hi guys! Hope everything is well with you...miss you guys...just a quickie update for you....yesterday, we went to Manila my dad needs to stay in the hospital since he will need to flush and everything for his last chemotherapy...please pray with me..that he is able to do it without much side effects..the vomitting, nausea, uneasiness, sleeping problem, etc....He will also need to undero CT scan and some X Ray just to check if the C cells are spreading or not....it is very important to be cautious when you have this kind of desease. And while I was at the ambulatory, I had a quick chat with a lady..not so old lady...she's from General Santos, Mindanao...and she is also having her treatment at St. Lukes...she's telling me that her malady started at the Nose, then, when it was cured, after 6 months, it came back but this time in a different body part...her liver...then she had undergone treatment again....and while the medicine is helping her recover from it, a new area in her body got affected...I'm not sure of the term to use, perhaps let me just describe it....the area near her butt is the one currently infected. I feel so sad...let us pray for her also, she's a very nice lady...and I can still remember when she was telling me the story I can see her sad eyes trying to stop the tears from falling.....I know God will help us...he will heal my dear dad and that nice lady.

Anyway...I want to share something..it's worth watching my dear friends....

When you feel frustration:

When you feel nobody's beside you:

When you feel stressed out:

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I have committed myself praying for your Father's battle with the Big C, rest assured that I will include the nice lady with my prayers.. :)

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