Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm back!

Yes, you read it right! I'm back! It's good to be back and I feel like a stranger in my own journal... weird huh? Well, I have a lot of updates for you guys n gals so buckle up!

Last August 13, we went to Manila to pick up my dad and my sister. Finally he can go home after 3 months and 2 weeks. He already finished his radiation therapy but he needs one more chemotherapy. So as early as 8 am me and my mom have everything prepared already since before my dad can come home with us, he needs to have one last check up with his oncologist. She wants to see my dad first to check if he is really in good condition to go home. We arrived at St. Lukes around 10:30 am and we waited for about half an hour. We thought everything was smooth but the Oncologist forgot the time that she'd be meeting us. She thought it was 9 am and said she waited till 10 am then left. Well, its actually fine with us and I understand that she thinks about a lot of things and she have to go to two different hospital. She stays in St. Lukes and E. Delos Santos Hospital. So since she already left, we went to E. Delos Santos right away since after her clinic hours in St. Lukes, she goes to the other hospital immediately. Since its still early, we went there and she even asked for her other waiting patients who came in earlier to wait for a while. She was happy to see my dad, he's healthier since the last time she saw him. She just informed us that it will be better to have his last chemotherapy done this week. And then he can have a longer vacation. :D He really missed our house, he's more comfortable in our house..(well duh! of course he is more at's his house after all! lol) I just hope that in his last chemo, there will be lesser nausea or vomiting and other side effects... I also want to thank all the wonderful people who have continued to give me their support and for continuing to pray for my dad. I am very grateful for having you. :) Even if me, my mom and my sister don't get the support we need from "some" of our relatives, you guys, were always there, you are the ones who fills up the holes and spaces in providing all out support. I love you guys! (sniff...sniff)

I haven't really told you the reason why I was unable to update my blog. Well...that is because I've been busy. Yes, just busy. I am a very busy that's one of my away messages. I knowyou want more details...Here we go.

I've been very busy lately due to moving to a new department, that is MOST. We had undergone one week training with all the new functions, and after that another week of speech/accent training since some of the queues will need to handle phone calls, but don't get the wrong notion that we are phone reps, no were not. :D The training was nice, each of us were given an opportunity to talk. Actually most of our activity during the training is focused on speaking in front of a lot of people...well not actually a lot of people, just my team mates and some coaches and CSS from the afternoon and morning shift.

But what I don't like with the training is that we have to come in early....imagine we have to come in to work 5 am and go home 2:45. For one week I am actually dragging myself to come to work. By 3 am I have to be awake for I have to prepare a lot and just to warn you, I'm not a morning person. It is so tiring. I felt that I'm going to get sick if I will be doing this for at least a month! I'm like a highschool/grade school student waking up early to join their school's field trip! LOL! On the other hand, what's good with this shift is that I get to see my long lost that moved to morning shift. It's been a veeeerrry long time since I last saw them. I was also excited to see Laren. I badly wanted to see her in her maternity dress. Her tummy is already big! :D I'm pretty much excited with the baby. I hope it will be a girl..Oh no! Another ina anak! I think I have to start saving now! I have lot of friends who are getting married (you know who you are...ahem..ahem....). I hope they'll decide to not to have a baby yet! lols! I have to save first! I guess I have to end it right here for the meantime, I'm already tired. Till next time! Have a great day!

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by the way, ang cute ng mga icons mo! pahiram ha?! :D#1 Comment from mhimae
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I am happy and thankful to hear about the homecoming of your dad, collyn. You are very lucky to take him home alive and well, unlike my papa. But of course, we know my papa's homecoming is not at our house, its in heaven. God heard your prayers because he gave another chance for you and your family to be together once again. Cherish every moment of it. ( oh, of course I know you will! wink! ) God bless you collyn!

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