Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What kept me busy?

I am really sorry for lack of updates for the past months…I know I've been missing and was not able to give you any heads up. But I am really trying to squeeze in a little time to update this blog. You might be wondering what kept me busy.

Most of you know that I really love and enjoy baking. I do bake and accept orders but I have to admit that there’s still so much for me to learn. And one of the major things that I really need to improve on is decorating cakes. Last November 2010 I have decided to take my baking skills to the next level I’ve enrolled in a Master Cake Decorating (Wilton Method) Class. Unfortunately, at that time there was no available class and I still have to wait for months before they re-open the class again. At that time there was an on going Fondant class and they have to finish the course before the Master class re-opens.

To cut the long story short, I started the class last March 16; it was a 10 half day session and classes are held once a week. And because of this I have to move my days off from Saturday-Sunday to Wednesday – Sunday, since my class is every Wednesday. I was a little hard for me to keep up with this schedule because every Wednesday we have a call meeting at work, so even though it is my day off, I still have to report to work just to attend the meeting with the client then go home after. If you’re working for a BPO company, you really have to be very flexible with time. I guess we really need to do little sacrifices…It is very tiring but I assure you it’s all worth it!

Here are some of the pictures during the class. (Photos courtesy of  Mrs. Galang’s Kitchen

I was able to finish the course last week and on our graduation day we have to make a 3 tier wedding cake and we should come up with our own design. This is it guys...I'm really happy and I guess I can say that I am on the right track...this is what I really want and I am truly happy that I am starting to make things happen. 

How bout you guys? Did you do something recently that might just help you reach your goals or dreams little by little? Remember dearies...one step at a time! :)  Here I come, Advance Cake Decorating Class!

Sweet Day to you All!
Pink Chinadoll


  1. welcome back sis! :)

    i missed your posts and comments too. i know you will be coming up with great and amazing cakes so i will be looking forward on your future posts! congrats. :D

  2. congrats dear! i've been super busy too.your cake looks delicious! make me one for my birthday :D hehe~ keep it up! we're here to support you^^

  3. wow! that's so nice, I've always wanted to enroll in baking classes but no idea where to enroll especially in cupcake and cake decorating =)

  4. ♥sugar♥ thank you dear! I am really excited to bake and design cakes even more and I will definitely share them with you.

    ♥locke♥ I will bake a cake for your birthday and post it here hihihi

    ♥ladymishel♥ If you are in Manila there are a lot of culinary schools that offers short courses. You may want to check Ms. Heny Sison's Culinary School, here's the link: http://www.henysison.com/school.php

    Thank you ladies for all the support that you're giving...You're all giving me more energy and enthusiasm to bake and create pretty cakes even more. I will definitely share my progress with you all!

  5. Bru finally!!! Was waiting so long for your next post! Hehe,, I just missed you so bad bru! Tagal na nating di nakakapag kwentuhan. I hope our schedules will meet some time. There's just so many chikas to share. I'm glad you're taking steps on your dream.. Few more steps and Bakeshop I hope! I'll be one of your top customers! I'll pay promise! Hahaha. Miss u bru! Godbless you more with your skills!

  6. omg that is so cool with the 3 tier wedding cake project! the pics you posted all look really neat, I watch these shows on TLC all the time I just love cake decorating haha

  7. wow~~~designing cakes???that sounds exciting~~~of course i wouldnt know cuz i cant cook/bake for Sh&t...lol, maybe you can post up some of your work, id love to see~~~i luv luv luv food post~~~its just fun to read and to look at especially if its cakes~~~

    and thx u for your sweet comment on my blog~~~^_^


  8. OMG designing cakes? that's sounds sweet!~ Sweets as cake! hihi. It makes me hungry! Yummy cakes hope you post your designs more!! <3

  9. Welcome back too :) wow your cake making looks really amazing!

    Ryc - if you google Vitacreme B12 I think you'll find e-tailers in your country. I bought mine when i was in the UK you see... sorry for not being much help :(

  10. wow! that looks totally fun!! hard work but the results look great! :)

    yum yum!! :D

  11. OMG designing cakes? that's sounds sweet!~ Sweets as cake! hihi. It makes me hungry! Yummy cakes hope you post your designs more!! <3


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