Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amigos y la comida mexicana

Last friday, me and my gal pals (from work) decided to have a short but fun bonding time before going to work  and of course most of you know that the best way to enjoy giggles, laughter and chit chats is that you have to have FOOD!

We've decided to go to Zapata's Mexican Restaurant. This is one of my favorite resto here in Angeles City not just because of the food but because of the place too,  I've never been to Mexico or Spain but once you get to see inside, it just gives you a feeling that you are in a different place, the yellow walls and pictures and mexican antiques is just perfect. 

They offer a wide range of mouthwatering authentic mexican dishes and they also serve the best iced tea! Just in case you do not know, I am a HUGE fan of their iced tea =) Don't get me wrong guys, aside from their iced tea, they also serve a wide variety of beverages, particularly cocktails.

Here are some of the snapshots...sorry for the poor picture quality, I don't have my digicam with me, I just used my phone's cam.

For the appetizer, we ordered Quesadilla. Sorry guys, I wasn't able to take a picture, we were so hungry that we immediately stuffed it in! So I just took a pic of the plate though, look how colorful it is. :P

 For our second course, we ordered Fajitas: grilled strips of marinated chicken which was brought sizzling at our table with mexi rice and grilled peppers.  This was served with Salsa, tortillas and sour cream...hmmmnnn oh so heavenly! 

And lastly, our main meal, Tacos: 2 large tacos with a tasty sauce - choice of  spiced beef or chicken ( we ordered beef) served on a soft fresh tortilla. Topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Meet tita shawie and mariel rodriguez all rolled in to one and also a fellow blogger - Ads, (the one wearing black and red blouse) and Pao-Pao and her famous dimples (the one wearing yellow shirt)

 And of course, I should be in the picture too! Meet the ever so beautiful Toots and yours truly, forgive me guys, I look very tired because I went to Manila that day and I still need to report to work...what a bummer! and i don't have any make up on =) yeah yeah yeah, so much for the explanation ♥

 If you happen to be here in Angeles City and would like to have a mexican food trip, try to visit Zapata's Mexican Restaurant, located at 488 Don Jucio Avenue in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Oh and before I leave you sweethearts, I have a quick trivia for you. This (Zapata's) is where Sweets and I had our ♥first date♥

 Sweet Day to ya'll

 ~Miss PinkChinadoll


  1. Hi Pretty Collyn,

    Thanks for the post regarding our Happy Friday dine out. I had a wonderful time eating with you gals and the food in Zapata's expecially the quesadilla is superb, it deserves another visit.

  2. Ms. Mariel, you are very welcome =) yep, next time we'll order quesadilla supreme and buritos =) they're yummylicious too!

  3. looks delicious!

    thanks for following me =)

  4. Hi Coline, another twin connection we have: My mom is also from Pampanga! And I speak the dialect! =D Muah* Muah*

    We should meet one day! =D

  5. I love Zapata's food and their frozen margarita! Yummy! I bet you guys indeed had a lot of fun? Btw, it looks like there's one missing ing the group. Where's MK? Hehe!

  6. Sis I love Zapata's too! You guys looks so happy and.... bloated? :)

    Nice post! Mwuah!

  7. yummy those pics make me hungry! keep up the good bloggin'!


  8. It is never too late to follow. Thank you for stopping by. I am your newest follower.

  9. @Jing ~ You're very welcome dear =)

    @ Dang ~ It's confirmed! you really are my twin from another mother ☺ And wow you even speak the dialect, unfortunately I can't speak the dialect well hahaha. If you happen to visit Pampanga let me know and we should meet =) I think you also know Nikki San, she's a good friend..we could go out sometime =)

    @ Marj ~ I haven't tried their margarita. But since you said it's really yummy,then it is a must try =) MK was on day off, why you miss him na? yiiihiiii! =)

    @ niQ ~ hahaha..halatang halata ba na bloated sis? i miss our foodtrip na! ♥muah♥

    @ the Kissters ~ thanks for the visit, i really appreciate it =)

    @yaya's mommy ~ thank you soo much, and it was nice meeting you =) looking forward for more of your posts/entries =)

  10. it looks really delicious; you look so pretty :)
    you have a very nice blog, good luck for your future articles :)

  11. Thank you Audrey! So Sweet of you =)

  12. it looks really delicious; you look so pretty :)
    you have a very nice blog, good luck for your future articles :)


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