Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Fave Shirt!

Finally! I got these cute perfect white shirts. I'm excited to wear my shirt and of course if I'm going to wear this, I want Sweets to wear his too! We chose Mr. Chef and Little Miss Chef because we both love to cook. It's even more enjoyable whenever we share the kitchen and cook together.

When I was in high school I had a lot of dreams...I wanted to be a Dentist (but I hate Blood, just the sight and smell makes me pass out, eck..hate it...hate it...) so, I already knew it back then that it will always be a dream...just a dream..that's it. I even wanted to be an Interior Designer..but then, I know my parents wouldn't allow me to attend school in I have to just forget it. Then, I also wanted to be a Chef...during my early highschool years, I always do the cooking every weekend..I enjoy cooking for the whole family. That's when I realized that I have passion for cooking. I have thought of Culinary School but it's very expensive and there are no culinary schools here in Pampanga as well. So, I just have to push that little dream aside and take Business Management course because I also wanted to have my own business someday. My love for cooking didn't end there...I still cook but most of the time I bake. Particularly Cheesecakes...I'm addicted to it. Just like what I have told you in my profile ~ I'm gonna be a cheesecake master chef in the making. I promise!

By the way...If you would like to get your own perfect white shirts, just inform Ann and send her a message.

Sweet day to all!

Pink Princess

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