Monday, January 26, 2009

I have an OCD!

Music: Cold by Static X

Ok, I admit I'm not yet over with the all that Twilight Edward Cullen craze...I'm still so into Edward..but just Edward Cullen the for all the Rpattz fans out there you can rejoice hahaha...Okay, so I was diagnosed with OCD and I'm sure most of the ladies out there have it too. Believe me! For those who are not aware of this is the Obsessive Cullen Disorder. So now you agree with me right?

Anyway, it was a little disappointing knowing that Rpattz will only have two scenes in the upcoming sequel of Twilight which is New Moon. Too bad it will all be about Jacob, Jacob and Jacob. ***sigh*** I think I'm already going through you know how hard to be depressed?! ***sigh again*** But then, thanks to my dearie lovely bouncy friend Nancy (hahaha I always call her Nancy Bouncy) she sent me a very wonderful gift - my medication...and I call it my Edward Therapy.

This is my Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion by Mark Cotta Vaz I so love love contains a lot of scenes from the movie, never-before-seen images, interviews and a lot more.

If I am Bella, meet my real life Edward.

Sweet day to all!

Pink Princess


  1. i once had OCD too.. but now i've moved on.. hehehe.. :)

  2. naman.. so sweet.. stay happy you and your sweets.. heheh.. mwah..

  3. naman.. so sweet.. stay happy you and your sweets.. heheh.. mwah..


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