Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scrumptious Desserts!

Don’t you just love desserts? Me~ I love it sooo much. I have been craving for some delicious dessert for almost 2 weeks now. And to satisfy my sweet tooth’s special request, I spent the whole afternoon baking my special treats. I was able to bake 2 cakes. The first cake I baked was my newest recipe, Choco Ripple Cheesecake. This is my own version of Perfect Loaf’s Marbled Cheesecake. The rich blend of sweetness from the chocolate and soft, mild tasting white cheese that just melts in the mouth is just perfect and it compliments each other. Even Bubbles was so excited while I was baking. She was licking my feet the whole time while I was baking. But sorry Bubbles, the cake’s not for you, it’s mine! (Evil grin).

So there, while waiting for the cake to set, I got bored again. Well 1 hour of waiting for the cake to bake is no joke, specially when your too excited to see the finish product. So there, Mommy asked me to try to bake a Mango Cake Roll for her. Well you see, I haven’t tried to roll a cake before, so this was my first time to do it. Good thing, I was able to watch a video in YouTube on how to properly roll a cake, thanks Sweets for the suggestion. He’s the one who told me to try to check some baking videos in YouTube instead of watching Jeff Dunham and Achmed. So there, before Dinner I was able to finish both cakes. Want to see my heavenly masterpiece? Good thing I have my phone ready to take a shot of my creations.

This is my Choco Ripple Cheesecake.

~ Mango Cake Roll ~

Till next time, S-w-e-e-t Day to all!
Pink Princess


  1. waaahhh!! i would loveee to taste your creations sis! please bake some more!!! im craving for cakes!! as i said, di pako buntis! matakaw lang! hahahaa.. il text you ha then get ready to prepare!yumm yumm!!

  2. haha, sure sis...bsta inform me ahead of time!

  3. wow, i commend you for successfully baking cakes. it's been my goal to be able to bake carrot or any cake for my family especially my kids but i'm still saving up for an oven.

    hope to taste one of your creations in the future:)

  4. come to think of it, your mango roll, makes me want to roll and die.


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