Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Miss You Guys!

Hi all!
It's been a long time and I really missed you guys a lot! I've been busy lately and I think you all know it by now since I don't have much time to update my blog. I have even tried to consider deleting this journal but I guess I changed my mind that's why I'm here....updating it...hehehe...Another reason why I updated because a good friend sent me a text message early this morning asking me update them about me...Well, as you wish... :)
Now, what happened for the last few days or should I say weeks?
* Friends ~ Last October 16 (Sunday) I had a lunch date with two of my good friends. We ate at Chic N Ribs. Well, that is her fav place, since that's the only place where we feel very comfortable and we can do what we want! Just imagine the long chit chat we had...and we actually stayed there for about 4 hours! Can you beat that? We almost ordered our dinner there! haha....How bout next time you want to have our lunch and dinner there?
Another reason to be happy is that one of my friends way back in highschool visited me last sunday! He usually stays in Manila and I think the last time he visited me was like..ummm...ahh....oh, my 16th birthday! LOL! Yeah that long! He just visited a friend here in Pampanga and thought of droppin by at my place. We didn't talk that long since it was already late when he arrived. Hmmm....In some way, I feel a sad...I miss my goody goody highschool friends. Although I still talk to some of them especially those friends that are in the US...Yes, they left me and Cha here...but we still have each other so..its okay. Anyway, they always check if I'm okay or not. They never forget to send me simple messages. That's why I am so blessed with my friends....except for ex bestfriend. I still feel bad about it but no, I will not talk about it. I know you want details but I can't I don't want to talk about it.....not today not tomorrow.....but maybe next week? haha..I guess next time. :)
*Daddy ~ He still have his regular check up every 3 weeks. And his next schedule is next week. He is also continuing his rehab sessions 3 times a week. He has another lump on his upper neck it is still small and I hope it will not grow bigger, because if it does..he might need another radiation. :( Please continue to pray for him...and for my family.
It's already time, I'll just give you more updates next break is over. ;)
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Comment from mhiarc 10/28/05 11:45 PM Permalink
You have asked people to pray for you and your family.. specially sa dad mo.. ohbkors.. you owe them some updates too.. specially with what is happening with your dad.. that's all and thank you for the update.. in my case i have to ask ppl very close to you about your dad kc parang di ka komportable na pinaguusapan yun when ur with us. . kaya i asked you to update na lang your blog..hehehe. enyway thanks.. and God bless.. we'll continue praying for your dad with the rest of the family.

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